Dreamstate Sets New #1 Horde Speedrun Time in AQ40 – Sub 30-Minute Run

Dreamstate Sets New #1 Horde Speedrun Time in AQ40 - Sub 30-Minute Run

Multiple POV of the Speedrun by Dreamstate

  • Dreamstate brought an extremely balanced raid composition, 2 Warlocks, 2 Hunters, 4 Mages, and 5 Rogues. Typically, many guilds in the top tier of speedrunning were focusing much more on stacking as many Warriors as possible, so much so those raids were only bringing 1 Warlock and 0 Mages! So, hats off to Dreamstate for accomplishing this time with a super balanced raid composition.
  • Dreamstate chose to use Recklessness on Twin Emperors! This isn’t something we’ve seen from speedrunning attempts prior, where most raids chose to use Recklessness on Sartura or save it for the C’thun fight, where Warriors pop Reck if they get pulled down into C’thun’s stomach.
  • One awesome strategy that Dreamstate employed, which you can see in the video above at the 4:14 mark, they sent a tank, some healers, and all the mages to go and clear all the trash between Bug Trio and Sartura while the Bug Trio fight was going on. What most guilds have been doing up to this point is having a Hunter pull this trash down to the room prior to the Bug Trio room and killing it there, allowing for the raid to mount up with Carrot on a Stick equipped.

While the meta for AQ40 speedrunning is coming to a close, raids will only have a few more attempts before the books close on this speedrunning chapter for Phase 5. Who will come out on top for the Alliance and the Horde? How will these guilds do in Naxxramas with Phase 6? Good luck to all the guilds out there attempting to speedrun both in the coming weeks and in Naxxramas!

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