Dugi Guides vs Zygor Guides (Dugi Guides is Cheaper) WoW BFA lvl 120: Updated


Dugi Guides –
(Dugi Guides is the same as Zygor, Zygor is great, but Dugi Guides is Cheaper, so I recommend Dugi Guides)

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Zygor Guides, LLC


  1. Holy shit 300 dollars for something that's barely even useful? I could agree to your theory about just buying it if as said pirated version weren't available at all or just broken but definitely not if the price is that high, maybe if it was at a lower 30 dollars which I would say it should be priced at.

  2. Meh. I still get the updates within 2 hours of the release of it plus if there was a way to play WoW completely free and a 100% chance at not getting caught don't tell me you wouldn't do that. And don't give me the "To support the development" shit because 200000 dollars or whatever zygor is currently overpriced at is just stupid.


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