Easiest Way to Make Gold in BFA: The Shuffle | Noob's Gold Guide


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  1. Remember you can use macros and TSM 'destroy' feature to make disenchanting much quicker 🙂 You can also do the shuffle with leatherworking if leather is particularly cheap on your server! Anyway here is the Skillshare link for 2 months FREE for the first 500 people: https://skl.sh/bregvids.

  2. Hey quick question. I am an enchanter and an alchemist. I can never make any good with alchemy but I feel like if I switch to blacksmithing or another profession, I’d be wasting the gold I put into alchemy.

  3. There's no such thing as a "per hour" gold. Linen, shards, and dust are nothing but mats in your bags or on the auction house UNLESS it sells. When any method works people jump in oversaturating the market, and effectively reducing your profits to 0g. Sticking to what people actually need (for raids, leveling, daily's etc.) always works best, be at a somewhat slower pace. Unable to craft AND sell high-level gear in BFA (ilvl 400-415) takes all the joy out of professions, but that's another story entirely.

  4. Hi, I should have a question about BfA professions. I want to make a second character with mining.What would you recommend as a second profession for Gold making? Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting or Engineering?

    Thank you for your answer

  5. Don't do it kids. You won't get blues that often, and even if you do, the server prices on mats can be such that you don't turn a profit even if you do proc as many rares as Breg claims. This is just as likely a great way to halve your gold.

  6. So I started cancel scanning a little more often, and tonight, I got a message from someone impersonating a GM threatening me with account suspension for exploiting the economy. People these days.

  7. Hello, Berg ! It's awsome video mate, i just have 1 problem with TSM in general and i would appriciate very much if you help me out here – whenever i import some of your groups into my tsm, the opperations included does not translate into my game and every time i try to post it's using #default, instead of what you've created ..i've looked into comments and reddit for solution but couldn't seem to find one, hope you can help me out ! Cheers ^^

  8. Hey Breg i noticed alot of the new 385 raid items are going for very low prices about 50k or less. I live on a high pop realm and im tempted to buy those items. The region value are worth over 100k. Should i buy now and wait till prices stabilize or just wait it out for people to buy em and once in awhile snatch up the 50k or less items? Did you see this in the last raid tier? And what did you do?

  9. Unless on a High / Full server I'm not really gonna bother with this as stuff doesn't sell much for me on my Medium server wouldn't surprise me before all long it will be a Low pop server.


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