Ectoplasmic Distiller Threat Generation Has Been Fixed

Ectoplasmic Distiller Threat Generation Has Been Fixed

Even more interesting, another redditor pointed out a three year old thread in which someone claimed to have used this exact mechanic during Vanilla Naxxramas, meaning it isn’t strictly a Classic bug. While certainly not viable on every encounter, as anything with a large number of adds would split the threat generated rather than multiply it, working the same general way that Paladins can chain cast Greater Blessings.

Blizzard appears to have taken swift action however, as it’s already being reported as fixed, although no official bluepost has been made yet. This is an interesting departure from the normal stance of leaving original bugs in, as the interaction did exist in Vanilla WoW, though almost certainly a good one, as knowledge of the mechanic becoming widespread would have had major implications on tanking future content.

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