Enchanting and Jewelcrafting in 8.1.5! Gold Making in WoW


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Today, we take a look at the tools of the trade items for Enchanting and Jewelcrafting and the implications to gold making with these new professions.

Kul Tiras –
BLUE Tiragarde Sound: Shrine of the Sea (46.36, 23.45)
PURPLE Drustvar: Shrine of the Eventide (34.13 35.46)
YELLOW Stormsong Valley: Shrine of Storms (60.70 58.51)

Zandalar –
GREEN Zuldazar: Shrine of Nature (43.14, 64.35)
RED Nazmir: Shrine of the Dawning (61.32, 37.24)
ORANGE Vol’dun: Shrine of the Sands (44.18, 38.05)

Thanks to Morwo on wowhead for the coordinates!


  1. Since mass prospecting is lucrative now for kraken's eye. I'm guessing ur overflowing (like i am) with uncommon uncut gems.
    What do you do with them the AH deposit is such a kick in the nuts to sell them. And since there is no real JC-Enchanting Shuffle (Rings costing 10x [Monelite Ore]) I'm tempted to just vendor the uncommon uncut gems stock.
    Any Tips?


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