Encrypted Endgame Questlines Will Unlock With Faction Renown in Dragonflight

Encrypted Endgame Questlines Will Unlock With Faction Renown in Dragonflight

Momo from Laptop Mag:
When we get to Dragonflight’s endgame and its post-launch content, how often will we feel gated when trying to progress the main story? I remember back in BFA, the main quest line in Nazjatar could only be progressed by completing the follower missions, but those were in a daily rotation. In Shadowlands you couldn’t complete the Chains of Domination questline without a certain level of renown. So I’m wondering how often, when we get to those points, will I be unable to finish those questlines?

So there’s a number of different quest lines that are going to unlock as you progress into the max level renown. And I think one of the most interesting things about our particular end game system this time, is everything in that world is encrypted. It hasn’t played on the beta, so players aren’t, they’re aware that there are chapters that unlock in the max level, and they’re tied to the renown, but they’re not exactly sure what those chapters are. We’re looking forward to seeing how people react as the sort of in the moment storytelling where you didn’t know what the next story was going to be and you get to watch the next episode as it happens. I think that we’ve really taken an eye towards alt friendliness and progression friendliness with just about all of the max level renowns that we’ve put into Dragonflight. As you progress, your main renown track, which is largely through your weekly activities, we tried to really center things around a weekly cadence this time so you can play how you want during the week, and you can pick which one of those renowns you want to increase during the week in order to get your weekly reward. You’re going to be able to pick which of those you want to spend the time on and it’s fairly open ended – it’s not completely open ended – but you can progress each one of them at your own pace. As you progress each of those tracks, you’re going to unlock progression speed-ups for your alts, and also unlocking all of those renowns unlocks a ton of stuff for your alts as well. So if you want to play an alt, it’s easier to get into each of those renown tracks, it’s much faster in order to progress them out the gate. This isn’t something that we’re bringing out in like a 10.0.5. This is how we’re going to come right out the gate and make it easy for you to progress your alts and get your alts geared up. And then on the Dragonriding side of things, we’re also going for maximum alt friendliness there as you get additional unlocks, as you unlock things like races, and Dragonriding powers. The mount system already felt like a very account-wide system, so a ton of that system is also account-wide and you can progress how you want to and progress on what character you want to progress on. I think there was a lot of learnings from like 9.1.5 here in terms of taking a lot of the Covenant elements, making them significantly more alt friendly, that we’ve really attempted to come out the gate with in Dragonflight.

Renown replaces Reputation in Dragonflight, but the system has been heavily iterated on to eliminate the pain points of Shadowland Covenants. No longer will players have to decide which Renown to work on each week, nor should they be locked into only a few sources of earning it. While there is are still quests which give a good chunk of renown each week, players can also grind for it if they choose to do so, and progress all faction’s renown at the same time, rather than dedicating themselves to just one.

More importantly, there are no exclusive power systems associated with renown, so there’s no fear of missing out on a major power spike if you don’t grind your renown as quickly as possible. That isn’t to say there aren’t any power-related rewards, as noted in SoulsoBreezy’s Professions Interview earlier this week, players will be able to obtain a handful of Primal Infusion for crafting heroic-level gear, but it’s not exclusive – those Infusions are much more available from other types of content, with this cache serving as a small boost for solo players who don’t engage in as much group content as others.

With the addition of new questlines unlocking as players progress through the renown track, as well as the trickle of perks already unlocked over time, renown is intended to feel much more rewarding for most players without feeling quite as mandatory for everyone.

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