Encrypted Splash Screen on 9.2.5 PTR

Encrypted Splash Screen on 9.2.5 PTR

Splash Screens Encrypted

Splash screens are the images that pop up the first time that you log into the Patch, which gives players directions as to what is new and where to go. For all of Shadowlands and previous expansions, we’ve datamined the splash screens when they were on the PTR. However, this time they are encrypted.

What could they be hiding? Could this be related to Calia or Anduin story quests which have been hinted at? Or maybe the mysterious Stables which are being built in Stormwind and Orgrimmar?

Here’s the encrypted data.

Season 4 Text

However, the Season 4 text is available in the data.

  • New in Season 4!
  • Shadowlands Season 4
    Earn new rewards in Mythic Keystone dungeons and PvP.

New Mythic+ Dungeons

  • Experience iconic legacy dungeons with Mythic affixes!

Fated Raids

  • Return to Shadowlands raids for a new challenge and new rewards.

This seems pretty generic, so why is the splash screen encrypted? We know that Season won’t begin when 9.2.5 launches. Could this mean we’re getting a splash screen for story content before the Season starts?

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