EU First Classic AQ40 C’Thun Kill by Progress on Firemaw

EU First Classic AQ40 C'Thun Kill by Progress on Firemaw

Progress had some rough patches through AQ as certain trash packs were evade bugging, and because of that, several raid members ended up dying and losing world buffs, especially the deadly trash mobs after Twin Emperors. Even after being the second guild to arrive at C’Thun, prevailed and was able to be the first EU guild to defeat the Old God on Classic WoW.

AQ40 Run on Warcraft Logs

You can watch ‘ full AQ40 run below:

Update: Blizzard has also made a bluepost congratulating the guilds who have killed C’Thun so far in the EU.


Congratulations to the first guilds who beat C’Thun in this region:

Guild Realm Time
Progress Firemaw 20:17 CEST
gusy Golemagg 20:20 CEST
Calamity Mograine 20:21 CEST
Venture Earthshaker 20:27 CEST

Well done!

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