Everything New in Shadowlands 9.1 PTR Build 38312 – Recap of Datamining, Models, Lore, Mounts

Everything New in Shadowlands 9.1 PTR Build 38312 - Recap of Datamining, Models, Lore, Mounts

You can catch the bulk of our discoveries over on Twitch as we stream datamining for each update. However, we continually post PTR news throughout the week, including system updates that require more research and editorials on class changes.

Class Changes in 9.1 PTR Build 38312

The first PTR build always has a large amount of class changes and 9.1 was no exception with covenant-specific legendaries, new soulbind abilities, and class tuning. Earlier today we made a 9.1 PTR Class Changes recap article we invite you to check out below, which includes all of the datamined changes as well as our editorials by guide writers analyzing the class changes.

Class Changes Recap for First 9.1 PTR Build

New and Updated Models

  • Updated Sylvanas Banshee Model: Sylvanas is wearing a red version of her Shadowlands armor for her new banshee form.
  • New Primus Model: The mysterious Primus finally has a model in 9.1
  • Updated Thrall Model: Thrall has a new set of armor, reflecting his role on the Horde Council.
  • Covenant Pepe Models: New Pepe costumes are available to purchase at Renown 48.
  • Remnant of Ner’zhul Boss Model: The original Lich King Ner’zhul has a new model in Patch 9.1, reborn as a twisted construct of armor and bone reminiscent of Marrowgar.
  • Updated Archon Model: The Kyrian Archon also has a new model, updated to reflect the wound she suffered from Anduin in the Patch 9.1 intro cinematic Kingsmourne.
  • Creature Models in 9.1: Our master list of creature models includes a Broker Cat and updated Boars.
  • Updated Dreadlord Models: As confirmed at BlizzConline, we will see the return of Dreadlords in Patch 9.1. As part of this new story, Blizzard has created new Dreadlord and Dread Queen models.
  • Updated Warpstalker Models: Alongside boars and dreadlords, Warpstalkers also received a new model. These have been in the spotlight recently due to the new potential Warpstalker mount in Burning Crusade Classic.
  • New Weapon Models: We have a massive list of weapon models from the new raid and dungeon, including special weapons for the Jailer and Sylvanas.

Sanctum of Domination Raid

Battle Pet Updates

Covenant Updates

Dungeon Updates

  • Tazavesh Encounter Journal: Learn more about the eight bosses in the new mega-dungeon.
  • Tazavesh Early Environment Preview: As Brokers are lucrative traders who enjoy displaying their collection of luxurious wares, Tazavesh is unsurprisingly filled with lavish decorations and piles of stuff!
  • Pirate Dragon Boss: Tazavesh features a Pirate Dragon boss with a very interesting model.
  • Mythic+ Plaguefall Dungeon Buffed in Patch 9.1: Groups have designed entire strategies for the first half of Mythic+ Plaguefall around Plagueborer explosions, as they are very efficient damage. However, in Patch 9.1, the Plaguefall Dungeon has been buffed by the common Plagueborer strategy being nerfed.
  • Blizzard Adding Mythic+ Score Feature: Blizzard will be implementing their own Mythic+ Score in Patch 9.1, similar to the Raider.IO Score.

Gear and Legendary Updates

Lore and Story Updates

Note that articles in this section can contain story spoilers for Patch 9.1.

Mounts and Flying

Torghast Updates

  • Torghast Score System: Torghast is going through a revamp in Patch 9.1 as Blizzard is replacing the Tarragrue and death counter failure state. Instead, Blizzard is moving towards a score-based system in Torghast with factors such as speed and deaths.
  • Torghast Changes with Patch 9.1 – New Wings, New Layers, Item Levels: Blizzard has added data for four new difficulty layers with the first Chains of Domination build, plus indication of two new wings: Adamant Vaults and Forgotten Catacombs.
  • Torghast Experience in Datamining: Patch 9.1 datamining hints at ways for players to earn experience in Torghast, although nothing has been confirmed by Blizzard.

Transmog Updates

Misc Updates

  • Official 9.1 Patch Notes: While on the light side, Blizzard has published their initial patch notes for Chains of Domination.
  • Text to Speech Accessibility Options: The UI includes a variety of text to speech options for specific message channels, multiple voice options, and other options.
  • New Skyboxes in Patch 9.1: Patch 9.1 has added many new skyboxes to the game including Oribos, the Arbiter, the new zone Korthia, the new Dungeon Tazavesh, and the new raid Sanctum of Domination.
  • All Uncategorized Spells: There are over 4200 uncategorized spells, so we’ve listed them all in their raw format. If you find anything interesting, let us know!

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