Expanding the Gold Empire – Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 231

Expanding the Gold Empire - Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 231

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 231st edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

This is most certainly a point in gold making and the game as a whole winding down from the current expansion and looking forward to what’s next. Now is the perfect time to diversify and branch out. This week we talk through the options and what to do during this time.

My name is Samadan and I’ll be your guide through the World of Gold Making!

Expanding the Gold Empire

So, you’ve got a steady gold making process and you want to expand further, what do you do? Here, I will go through a number of options and explain the pros, and cons of each …


More professions – Let’s say you have a steady gold making method in one or two professions. The next natural step would be to expand further and cover all professions. Often, professions are interlinked and crafting on one results in items that can be used in another. For example – a blacksmith making Shadowghast Ingots for a Jewelcrafter to use. Usually, buy the raw materials cheap and crafting yourself is the most economical option.


  • Covers the market in more areas.
  • Gives more flexibility to adapt to changing markets.
  • Can craft everything yourself.


  • Requires multiple alts which take time to level.
  • Juggling multiple characters & inventories take more time & probably requires the use of guild banks.

Older Expansions – Perhaps you’ve just been making gold with Shadowlands professions? There are plenty of niches to be found in learning all of the previous expansions in your existing professions. The armour crafting professions have a number of unique items that can be sold for transmog or have specific stats for twinks or things like the Mage Tower. There are unique mounts & pets for many of the professions especially Jewelcrafting & engineering. Adding depth to each of your professions is a great way to increase your market and find more niches for your server.


  • Can make full use of existing professions.
  • More options for undiscovered niches.
  • Difficult to obtain or rare recipes can command high prices if you take the time to get them.


  • Takes time to fill out a profession especially when hunting for rare or difficult to farm recipes.
  • Older expansion crafts can be slower sellers as they are more for collectors or unique case items.
  • Requires greater inventory of old world materials.

Different Techniques – Perhaps you can already covered professions and want to get into farming or flipping or mission tables. There are several different techniques to making gold and each have their own pros and cons as well as fitting certain play styles and what the individual player finds fun. I’ll list a few of them here…

Flipping (buy low, sell high on the Auction House) – Good for quick growth of gold without requiring long setup time levelling, but can be risky and requires a good knowledge of the market. See Hikons for examples

Farming – Easy to do with a suitably geared character and fun to run old dungeons for transmog, but takes a while to sell and requires a large inventory of various items to see any steady sales. See Studen Albatroz for examples.

He has a recent video going through top 5 efficient gold farms and breaks down what’s on their loot tables and why to do them…

Mission Tables – A good source of regular gold and materials that adds up with the more alts you can use, but each takes a while to level and setup. See Zanzarful for examples

Also, Penguin has a recent video interview with Zanzarful here …

Pet Farming/Selling – Pets can be easily transferred to different realms which make them ideal for moving them around to find the best price, but they are generally slow sellers and will spread your gold over several servers. See Vahdis for examples.

Branching Out

So, perhaps you like your current methods of gold making but what to do it more. The most obvious choice is to do the same, but on a different server. This comes down to a question of how much time do you have to setup and maintain several operations on different servers, but it does have the benefit of being able to leverage your existing knowledge and experience to the thing that you enjoy the most, but in a different environment.


  • Makes use of existing knowledge & experience.
  • Can focus on whichever server is currently bringing most profit.


  • Takes time to setup fresh on another server.
  • Gold & inventory is split in different places.

This was asked recently on Reddit by u/SilentAssaultX

So I am mainly Alliance on Sargeras which is very high pop. I have a couple horde alts on a medium/high rp server.

With 9.2.5 I thought about bringing everyone over to Sargeras. However I am wondering if it may be more advantageous to leave the horde where they are at? I already have all professions covered on my main server and do not plan to use them for raiding or M+ now.

However, as I am fairly new to having a gold making focus, I really do not know what I could have those horde alts do? Gather because the prices are better? Work on getting all professions there too?

If you operate on two separate servers, how do you split your time between them?

I do the exact same thing on my first server. I just craft all the the same things and post to AH as long as there is profit. Depending on the xpac/patch and which competitors return it actually goes back and forth with which server does best since WoD. I used to do 3+ but without multiboxing it’s too much of a pain.

Professions like enchanting or inscription often don’t have much startup and you can still make enchants, missives, glyphs, and tomes of illusions (though the ones with an entry barrier can be great to farm).

It’s nice when I plan to spend an afternoon playing and posting (I use 2-3 accounts at a time) and someone has ruined the market on my other server. I just really focus on the other one. It gives you access to a second BMAH, access to pets at multiple prices, or you can just buy tokens/bnet balance and eventually close down a server. You can also build up big on one and xfer back to your main or the reverse.

I play on 4 servers (3 servers are 1 character each, and then my main server has a bunch) and I started making gold on my 3 alt servers in 9.2.

I’d highly recommend it. I only do JC 233/262 rings on those servers because I’m lazy and it was easy/cheap to get started, and in the past 4 months I’ve gone from ~100k on each of those servers to ~1mil on each.

My current plan is to have 1mil gold be my minimum, and every time I hit a token past that I’ll buy one until I’m at max Blizzard balance. I figure even just doing the rings on those servers I’ll get about one token a month each, which considering how easy it is I think it’s very worthwhile.

I could expand into doing more things, but honestly I’m not looking to spend an hour a day on it, I’m happy to just focus on my main server most of the time and spend like 10-15 minutes reposting twice a day on my other servers to get my extra token each month. Will also help if I decide I wanna play those characters more seriously next expansion too I figure.

Second Account

Having a second account for gold making is one for convenience of time first and foremost over being able to make more gold, but as they say “Time is money, friend!”. It can be a great way to split operations so that the more time consuming tasks of listing, crafting and getting mail can be done in the background while working on the other account. I myself have only just started to do this after 4 years of gold making and I wish I’d done it sooner!


  • Allows time intesive tasks to be done in the background.
  • Can play/raid on main account while listing auctions on second.
  • Can play Cassic on one and Retail on the other.
  • Can double up on doing daily quest/weekly bosses, saving time.
  • Able to make use of Recruit a Friend on yourself to gain benefits of gametime & transmog.


  • Cost of running 2 accounts requires double the gold income.
  • Drain on resources on PC, may be slow on low end machines
Simply put if the second toon on the same account is your bank toon then you need to logout of your main to conduct your business. With two accounts, you can switch back and forth instantly. The 1-2 minutes of logging out/in may not seem like much, but it adds-up throughout the day. Cases where this setup can be very handy:

  • You have an alt on your main account who is crafting. While they are doing that you can alt-tab over to the bank toon account and take care of the AH. Also you can send materials to your crafting alt or have them send the finished product to your bank toon instantly.
  • I do a lot of PvP on my main, so while I am waiting in queue or even the two-minutes for the battle to start I can alt-tab over to the bank toon account and take care of the AH. This also applies to dungeons and Torghast queues which sometimes are longer than those for PvP when your waiting for a healer or tank to join your group.
I was in the same situation before as you, thinking left and right if i should get a 2nd account or not. And let me tell you it’s the absolute best decision i have made in terms of AH play. Made so much more gold thanks to that decision, granted it costs one more token per month but so worth it.

Plus, so nice to be able to actually enjoy the game now instead of always sitting at AH 🙂

I hope this helps for those wishing to expand their gold empire or even those looking to get started.

Classic Gold Making

Over in Classic, we are eagerly awaiting the release of WotLK. It is a while off yet, so in the meantime there is time to prepare and get ready!

The Lazy Goldmaker has a video going through his thoughts on the dailies in Sunwell vs. AH crafting & flipping and how the economy is affected.

u/NOHITJEROME also asked about the best raw gold makers in TBC right now?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to farm 25K+ gold for WOTLK and was wondering if you had any good raw gold methods.

Currently, I farm gold boosting Stratholme. (~300G/hour) and GDKPs. (~200-500G/hour) I also do cooking flips and sell food on high days. (usually raid days)

What are your go-to raw gold farms right now?

Doing the 25 daily quests is about 200g/hr raw – Isle, skettis, ogrila, pvp dailies, fishing, cooking and the Outland shattered sun dailies. There are more than 25 dailies in the game right now.

If I was playing tbc, I’d be prepping for the release of inscription in wotlk. Farming a few hundred of each herb. Either sell herbs when inscription releases or use it to lvl up inscription real fast and get to selling glyphs.

If you are considering dailies, Classic WoW Curios has a video going through all the possible ones to do and which to do in the most efficient way before hitting the 25 cap.

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server.

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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