Fan Demonstrates Nightborne Character Customization Possibilities

Fan Demonstrates Nightborne Character Customization Possibilities

Using Blizzard assets, Shalashaska has created their version of the character customization screen showing an array of possibilities for the Nightborne male character. As is reasonably obvious, they have given the Nightborne screen customization options from other races. Their point is to demonstrate the range of possibilities that Blizzard could give every race by mixing and matching assets. While keeping each race and gender locked in to a specific unique asset set retains control over their look and Blizzard’s vision for the race, it also requires creation of those asset sets which is time and money. Flipping over to Shalashaska’s vision would grant use of existing assets to allow greater leeway and customization for players, but also would start to blur the very hard lines between the races.

Choosing Nightborne for this demonstration is very apt; Nightborne have woefully few options compared to the other races. Shalashaska demonstrates how easy it would be to expand the Nightborne options and what a huge difference it would make. The facial hair/augment options alone lend the Nightborne so much more character depth and individuality, and provide a welcome deviation from the monotonous sameness of the race.

Of course, going as far as giving Tauren horns to Night Elves or Orc teeth to Dwarves is a step that no one is suggesting and would take the concept way too far. On the other hand, consider Malfurion… But the point stands: a little bit of freedom goes a long way and despite a Night Elf hairstyle or facial hair/augmentation options, Mr. Nightborne cannot be mistaken for anyone else. Personally I think he looks quite distinguished with a gnome beard.

What do you think? What other customizations would you like to see for Nightborne? Are there other customizations that you’d like to see for other races? Let us know in the comments.

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