Fan-Made Glyph Concepts – Community Spotlight

Fan-Made Glyph Concepts - Community Spotlight

The WoW Community has so many great ideas for Glyphs. WoW forums spanning from wowhead, reddit, mmochamp, official forums, etc, are filled with people crying out for Glyphs to be expanded and give more cosmetic control. I wanted to create this because of all the great ideas, I couldn’t find any visual representation of player’s ideas.

So how would you get these Glyphs? The obvious answer is from inscription, Yes, but I also think players should be able to get the glyph doing the content they want and chose to do. There should be multiple sources whether from dungeons, raids, timewalking, PvP, etc. and a vendor that sells them that takes different kinds of currency. More unique glyphs could come from more challenging activities like Mage tower or Torghast, etc.

Paladin Avenging Wrath Wing Glyphs

Fossil / Candle Elementals

Food Elementals

Blacksmith Elemental Glyphs

Undead Mecha Gnomes

Dredged Water Elemental

Customizable Voidwalkers

Arakkoa Moonkin Forms

April Fools Concept: mid-life Crisis

You can see more of Fishbones06’s work, including their ideas for a new glyph system interface, here:

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