Fanbyte Weekly News Picks – Outriders Success, Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing Oops

Fanbyte Weekly News Picks - Outriders Success, Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing Oops

  • Somehow, the Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing Release was a Disaster – Build-a-Bear’s rollout of their Animal Crossing collaboration ran into a snag when some customers waited up to six hours in a virtual queue only to be kicked out right at the end. The retailer confirmed to Fanbyte that a security glitch let people skip the line, pushing out those who were waiting.
  • Pac-Man 99 Brings a Battle Royale Take on the Original Game to Nintendo Switch Online Users – Nintendo and Bandai-Namco announced and released Pac-Man 99 this week. The game is in the same template as Tetris 99 and Super Mario. 35, but has players navigate Pac-Man maps while eating ghosts and sending them to opponents’ mazes.
  • New Horror Title Abandoned Coming to PlayStation 5 – Sony revealed a new horror title this week for PlayStation 5, but Abandoned is less interesting for what it is than what people thought it might be. Rumors quickly started stirring about the game being a front for Hideo Kojima’s next game, to the point where developer Blue Box Games had to publicly disclaim any involvement with any kind of Kojima ARG.
  • Deathloop Delayed Once More into September – Once intended for the PlayStation 5 launch, Deathloop shifts its release date into the late Summer just a few weeks away from its already delayed release. Arkane vaguely alludes to the global pandemic as the primary reason for the delay.
  • New Report Paints Sony As Risk-Averse and Stifling Developers for the Hits – A Bloomberg report indicates that Sony focusing entirely on large, event-like titles for its library rather than anything smaller and experimental. The report also mentions that a remake of 2013’s The Last of Us has been bouncing around Sony Worldwide Studios and is now being worked on at Naughty Dog.

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