FASTEST LEVELING FROM 110-120 in Patch 8.1.5 – Level Alts FAST!


The heirloom upgrades are finally here, which means even faster leveling! But what’s the fastest method right now?
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  1. Something really weird that's probably going to get fixed, those warfront potions actually stack right now. No idea when it will change, but I've seen some people stack 50+ potions and level to 120 in less than 30 minutes. Gonna have to try this one 😛

  2. Wow!!! That so much exp,
    50% from herilooms, 5%gem,
    10% potion, 10% quest buff,
    10% war mode, 10% darkmoonfaire
    100% blizzard exp buff for this month
    Total is 195% which is x2 faster than normal leveling

  3. ok guys listen i know this is super random but does anyone know what the addon at 1:15 is called?? it looks really smooth and i really wanted it… been seaching everywhere but i just cannot find anything, thanks!

  4. SO fucking tired of absolute shit videos like this that talk for hours and tell you NOTHING of value. The short answer would be that there is NO fast way any longer cause of scaling and 10% bonus is the maximum for a horde player.

  5. I've allways quested while being in queue for dung as dps. But not sure what to do in Draenor, Legion & BfA area's caues it's BORING AF in those area's… ;(


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