FINALLY, 8.3 Is COMING! The 2020 LOOT Barrage, Account Wide Essences?! Reforged CONFIRMED & MORE!


Yeah, WoW’s latest patch finally has a release date! We roll over the latest updates, plus WoW Class & Warcraft 3 Reforged!
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  1. lfg and raid leaders are enforcing ilvl requirements to join group that are not obtainable for environmental players except in small spurts from one war front and then only to receive a good piece if you happen to proc higher than average. Combined with the reduction in mana pearls from world quests and dailies and for the average player its nearly impossible to break in to even lfg raid, and mythic dungeons. When compared to how easy it was to group in legion you can see where the lack of item availability in world environment and alternate task play has cause sever disinterest among a part of the player base that makes up the majority of average subscription holders. Alternately these are the same players who are more likely to buy things from the blizzard shop and pay gold for carries so its hurting blizzards bottom line and a lot of guilds profit gains.

  2. There is no happy medium. Either 8.2 essences, as they are, are made free, account wide, or removed from the game. I am simply not doing another Nazjatar or Mechagon grind in order to swap characters. I didn't play the game because I didn't like that content – I'm not going to like it in 8.3 either, and forcing me to do it to have a relevant character is ridiculous. It's a pointless barrier to entry for players who have been dissatisfied with BfA thus far.

  3. Dude you need to lay off the meth and slow down when you speak. Got maybe 5 min into your video before I had to turn you off. Here's a tip; after you make a point, pause, take a breath, and then continue to your next point. Rinse and repeat.

  4. I really hate how they try To FORCE people to do things like battleground because I MUST do it to get Blood of the enemy… This is just frustrating boring and they knew that many people must do it for BiS mythic plus essences. Instead of bringing back god damn pvp stats and vendors to give pvp a kind of sense. No… They force us to play it again and again and agaim.

    Games are supposed to be fun and be challanging sometimes. But being forced to do something you dont like or dont want to do just to get access to things that make fun is not how things should work… They completely ruined it.

  5. HOLD ON! Just hang on!
    Medivh said in legion he's needed "elsewhere". Could it be, that Medivh will arrive in Shadowlands?
    In Canon he was slain, but his soul or images were spreaded across Karazhan and elsewhere. So, any suggestions?

  6. Hey Bellular, I haven't been notified lately of your videos and came to check youtube auto unsubbed me. You should check subs and see what's going on, you might have lost other subs too.

  7. This game is dead for me i'm afraid. Not really looking forward to Shadowlands, as it's gonna be more of the same shit. Not looking to even try 8.3 aswell, as all those systems, reps, essences, AP and repeatable content just feels out of place.

  8. Everytime i click on a video about 8.3 i'm getting already tired while only listening to it. So what i will do is cancelling my subscription as soon as the anniversary event is over and i have levelled all the characters i want to up to 120. No way i will bother any further with the utter shit show that is BfA.

  9. Lets make a mental note here current '529K subscribers' …. I never promise Sunshine then deliver Rain like you the Brits tend to do. I guarantee that number will soon stagnate and start to decline fast ….

  10. Also when considering this case I have to inform you the Human Rights Act will add quite substantial cost to the example of the letter I mentioned. As you will be forced to answer me in Flemish!!!
    I know their is only three Solicitors in the UK which could handle that and trust me none of them understand the legal specialism they need to help you. Good luck finding legal counsel to support you when I hit 'Launch'.
    Time is running out!


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