FINALLY! Some Good Looking Raid Armor Sets For Patch 8.3


Patch 8.3 brings a brand new raid tier, which means new armor sets and weapon models!
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  1. Some of that stuff is quite cool, the weapons more so than the armorsets though. You wouldn't be able to assign the sets to its class, neither to any material. Cloth and Plate look the same, there are no restrictions. I think the fact that Blizz got rid of a lot of more experienced employees made them lose their track in art design.

  2. Mail set sucks, looks like they have 2 cloth set design and they wanted to just used both… and weapons… little less eyeballs on everything be nice… little will go a long way blizzard!

  3. WTF IS THIS BLIZZARD? This is why i dont play reatail no more.. the team making armor sets must be high asf or just dumb thinking this is jaw dropping! get the lazy team make some class sets?? where is the hype and the love for the classes? BFA as an expansion sucks. i rather play on wotlk private server and feel like a badass! Love wow but sorry to say retail sucks

  4. I'm gonna be honest, these sets look absolutely terrible…
    I get that this raid is all about N'zoth and the squid people, but see I'm not that big fan of Hentai Tentacle ( Furry here ), so yeh :/

  5. The saddest shit I've ever seen is the huge difference in detail and care especially with the mail set in the new raid, it has been trash since WOD and you can tell they like plate way more than the other sets


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