FIRST HOUR OF CLASSIC BETA ft Esfand & Asmongold


After 15 long years we’re edging ever so close to the return of Vanilla WoW with the release of the World of Warcraft: Classic Beta. Today’s video we’re joined by Esfand and Asmongold as they quest their first hour on the beta. We hope you enjoyed this video! SUBSCRIBE to not miss out on future content!

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  1. 1440p60fps will come shortly, YouTube is moving slow today, must know it's Friday 😉
    We hope you enjoyed this video!
    We've LOADS of exciting Classic AND Retail content coming so SUBSCRIBE to not miss out

  2. So I made a toon on the stress test. And holy shit my nostalgia wore off. I don't think I can play this plus the shitty models hurt my eyes for some reason

  3. People are not aware of the possibilities of a paladin
    Aoe Farming: Retri Aura+Consecration+Thorns
    Free lvl 40 mount and training, an epic lvl 60 quest. Also weapon class quests for the paladin.
    In pvp you've got a lot of useful tools. The one-shot Retribution talent, the stun, hammer of freedom (makes you immune to slows, roots and removes them), lay on hands, divine shield etc.
    Can tank , but only dungeons. *Divine shield is required to skip a crucial boss mechanic in Blackwing Lair.
    Can heal, one of the best in the game because you will never run out of mana if you crit.
    Can dps in pve greatly, especially in the undead type dungeons, raids (e.g. Stratholme, Scholomance). With the mention that for raids you will need some world buffs and the dps will be average.

  4. great to see them bringing back classic world of Warcraft can't wait to do the battlegrounds and see The return of the Almighty Shockadin.

  5. Apparently Anduin was already King in Classic POG i didn't know xDDDDD
    Also what is this "you need to get ahead of the rest" stuff i thought back in these glorious good old days people were having a nice chat when they saw each other APPARENTLY THEY DON'T LUL :DD

  6. Your gonna have 1 year fun then death servers again.. blizzard is doing you a favor but wont change alot. When content is cleared it's cleared


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