FIVE Gold Making Methods of BFA Patch 8.1


Hi, Lon Measly here! Here are 5 different methods (actually more), for making gold in patch 8.1. Although Patch 8.1 is not the big breakthrough patch everyone was looking for, it does bring to the table lots of quality of life changes as well as subtle, new opportunities for some extra gold making. We’ll make the most out of what we can get!

Gnomeragan Pet Battle Dungeon Guide:

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My BFA Daily Gold Making Routine:

BFA Alt Army Setup Guide:

How to determine what’s best to craft & scrap on your server:

Mission Table & Champion Equipment Guide:

Best items to craft for profit in BFA:

Warfront gold making (part 1):
Warfront gold making (part 2):

WoD Garrison Guide (still very relevant!):

Pandaria Farm Shuffle Guide (still very relevant):

Non-Blizzard Music:
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  1. World of warcraft not marketed towards casual players like myself I had to quit wow I don't have time to grind to 120 again not to mention I don't have time to farm herbs and ore to sell I just don't have time to enjoy the game I use to when I had a bot now I cant play lol there loss

  2. Hi, I should have a question about BfA professions. I want to make a second character with mining.What would you recommend as a second profession for Gold making? Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting or Engineering?

    Thank you for your answer

  3. the bottom has fallen out of the market, everything seems overall cheaper and there is less demand for many things. its not a great time to make money quickly like before lol.

  4. Treasure maps are enticing. Have 3 120's farming service medals and Winter's Veil coming. Working on leveling legion alts to 120. Islands loot is interesting to try for. Good to know paragons can contain a decent amount of gold. Legion paragon farming was lucrative but without mounts may just be a passive goal or something to spend dubloons on alts towards.

  5. Great vid..a correction though..the Fel Flame cannot be sold on the AH..not cageable. The best AH pets vs mechs would be the Fragment of anger, fiendish imp, nightshade sproutling or a Blackfuse bombling..all good survivability.


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