Former Blizzard Employees Speak Up About Activision Blizzard

Former Blizzard Employees Speak Up About Activision Blizzard

Christina Womack- Former Senior User Experience Designer at

In an extensive and detailed thread, Christina describes multiple unacceptable acts of sexism, including unwanted physical touching, a woman who was the best candidate for a job being passed over because it would have meant working with a man who “won’t work with strong women”, and her ideas repeatedly being shot down, only for the exact same ideas to be accepted when she had her male direct report pitch them for her.

Christina talks about the suspicion and scolding she received from HR when she tried to create a Woman@Blizzard mailing list, and mentions an incident in which a friend who wanted to create an “It Gets Better” video from Blizzard for LGBTQIA youth was denied the use of the company resources, and even forbidden to associate such a video with the Blizzard brand.

Christina also speaks about some of the more problematic elements of Blizzard culture, such as a caste system that routinely demeans Quality Assurance & Customer Service employees – not allowing them to bring dates to Christmas parties, forcing them to share hotel rooms when traveling, and being given leftovers to eat after the devs had satisfied themselves during mandatory overtime.

Cher Scarlett – Former Software Engineer at

Cher Scarlett has posted multiple tweets and threads about the subject, stating that she personally witnessed and experienced many of the allegations during her time at Blizzard, and calling out the company’s claims that the report is misleading or irresponsible, or that they “didn’t know”. She speaks repeatedly about how victims are not made comfortable about speaking up – how they are often dismissed, punished, and labeled trouble-makers by the company instead.

Nazih Fares – Former Communications Manager, RIMEA at Blizzard Entertainment

Nazih Fares has spoken out about some of the racist attitudes he witnessed and dealt with during his time at Activision Blizzard.

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