French Community Interview with Steve Danuser – Shadowlands Lore Interview

French Community Interview with Steve Danuser - Shadowlands Lore Interview

Video shows full questions and answers in English, with commentary in French

Interview Summary

  • Anima mentioned in Mists by the Mogu isn’t the same Anima from the Shadowlands
  • When a soul dies in the Shadowlands, they are gone for good. Players are still alive, so their tether to Azeroth saves them should an ill fate befall them.
  • You’ll learn more about the effect that Frostmourne had on Uther’s soul as the story unfolds.
  • The bond Arthas and Uther shared, plus the cosmic energies both represent, have profound effects upon their mortal souls.
  • The In-Between, the plane between the realms of the Shadowlands, is a miasma of energies. It is vast, but not empty. It may hold many secrets, that only a few can navigate.
  • New afterlives, like Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth, can manifest to meet the needs of the Shadowlands. This will be explored in content updates for Shadowlands.
  • Does the Shadowlands transcend time and space like the Twisting Nether?Time is a concept of Order, not Death. Time has little meaning for existences that never end.

While the living characterizes the undead as “Damned”, that doesn’t mean they are sentenced to Torghast or the Maw. Even souls that have been raised are subject to the judgment of the Arbiter.
Players will learn more about the issues with the Machine of Death — When the Arbiter stopped judging souls making them all go to the Maw — during a cinematic as they arrive in Oribos.
If the machine of death was broken, why did Ursoc go to Ardenweald?

  • The Arbiter was still functional when Ursoc died in the Emerald Nightmare.

Death had influence in Azeroth long before Ner’zhul became the Lich King. Perhaps one day we will learn more about the Nerubians and their origins.
Several creatures not native to Maldraxxus such as Demons, Naarus, and Elementals can be found in the Theater of Pain. How?

  • Some of these were captured by the Necrolords. Others were brought to the Theater by brokers.

How did Draka travel to a Demon world in Afterlives: Maldraxxus?

  • Maldraxxus exists to defend the Shadowlands, sometimes that means taking proactive approaches.

Was Ner’zhul aware of the Jailer’s existence when he became the Lich King?

  • Ner’zhul defied the Legion and was punished. There will be clues in the future about the relationship between Jailer and Lich King.

Is Cenarius expected to appear in Ardenweald?

  • No, Cenarius was mentioned at BlizzCon as an example of a soul that would go to Ardenweald.

Characters that die and are revived long thereafter, like Derek Proudmoore or Thoras Trollbane, do not retain their memories from what transpassed in the Shadowlands for them.
The Light that we encounter at the Ember Ward in Revendreth, that is used to torture souls and tried to attack the zone is the same Light that we encounter in Azeroth. Just like the Shadowlands is the plane of Death, there exists a plane of Light.
How does Helya’s Helheim plan place itself in relation to the Shadowlands?

  • There are certain realms that touch upon the Shadowlands without being necessarily inside the plane of Death, Helya’s realm is one of these places.

Anima is drawn from souls after their mortal lives have ended, not from living creatures.
Would we be able to access the Shadowlands had Sylvanas not shattered the veil?

  • Possibly, but it would require a considerable amount of effort.

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