Future Class Updates! All Class Changes Happening In Patch 8.3! – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.2


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  1. I have not played for 4 years and they were class balancing back then, I wonder why they can't get it right? Most games have balancing issues but after awhile they get it in sync and are done. Maybe they should hire some people that are skilled in this area.

  2. Feral druid abilities (o ya) now have improved (o god finaly!! its cool !!) sound effects …(wut Blizzard y fkin trollin me?????????) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  3. I want assa rogue to get ever so slightly higher energy regen and for outlaw to have slice and dice become viable, the rng dps is horrible

  4. I just hope Arms warriors are slightly buffed. Christ my prot warrior does more damage than the arms offspec. Maybe that's gear, maybe not.

  5. Real grinding I mean real Grundy not only do your alts get screwed with essences yes tokens will be available I sure hope they add 5k a token otherwise what a waste I’m already looking past this patch and straight to shadowlands.

  6. Jesus what the fuck blizzard perfect opportunity to tinker with enhance shamans….. no changes or buffs?????
    They are the lowest played class for a reason

  7. Somebody does not have any idea how Shadow Priest scaled, and now does, or not.
    Shadow highly valuable my butt. Not a single Shadow sims above 50k on ptr, our scaling got hit really hard and there is no Queens Court or Orgozoa in the new Raid, the kind of fight Shadow is supposed to excel on, as the one single left true dot class.

  8. Finished grinding Azeroth level on 3 toons 2 months ago. Blizzard raises max level again. I give up. It’s not fun anymore. Nerfs all over the place. Having to use third party software to gear properly. Over complicated complex bs designed to force grinding. Let’s not even get started on corrupted gear. Hopefully these systems don’t make it into Shadowlands

  9. The last time i wrote this i was banned from wow — long time ago — but — Blizzard employes (was playing only rogues) asp and after awhile warlocks and other big classes — what about if i was in charge of what classes get what and this — Hunter — pure class not this or that class – its a hunter — core class of wow— why dont consentrate on this class — yeaa easy to play — 1 buttom and nothing else, — bUT A HUNTER IS MUCH MORE THAN THAT — given more power and u will see — Give us more POWER for hells sake — pls

  10. Blizzard balance team is the worst I have ever seen. Sp is only good in raiding but struggle already in pvp, with those big ass nerfs they are a joke in arena now. Those fucking tank trinkets outheal the dot dmg. I wonder if they even play the game at this point

  11. DHs need either a nerf or rework. Cause they are dead easy to play and deal a LOT of damage so either nerf the damage and make other classes viable or rework them to make em more difficult to play to balance out the insane damage they deal. So they'd sorta be like sub rogue but with BIG damage

  12. "Expect hunters (& Warriors) to perform the same or maybe even better."
    How? Lol
    How would something perform better when there are 0 changes?

  13. was marksman at least touched since bfa launch? because i still dont see him anywhere near "overpowered" class… like UH dk for example (ofc i mean pvp very few hunters actually play mm)

  14. Not really a nerf but a cap really dude they're capping the ability to heal by a certain amount the word capping or limiting or reducing goes hand in hand with the word NERF

  15. “I will make a seperate video if there are last minute changes” BRO you will make 10 same more videos before 8.3 alone

  16. I enjoy every aspect of the game, except for essence grinding for alt chars. If Blizz doesn't want to implement Account-wide essences, then I'm out for good.
    No more subscription money for this trash grinding system.

  17. Ferals Druids: One of the worst classes in pve and pvp right now, needs major boost in their damage…
    Blizzard: Lets fix their sound effects! That's what they need!

    Unholy Dk and Demon Hunter: They fucking obliterate anything that moves, have insane survivability and self heals.
    Blizzard: Let's fix a glider bug.. That's what they need!

    Who do they pay to make these changes? Do they even play the game themselves?


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