GET 410+ | WoW BfA 8.1 Season 2 Gearing Up Guide: How To Play Smart & Use Your Time WELL


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Battle for Azeroth season 2 is upon us! Gear systems have been updated across the board, so it’s once again time to work out how to get set-up well during Season 2.


  1. As a returning player this game IS A FKN MESS! the fuck Blizzard I just want to PVP and maybe do a little PVE dungeons on the side. You have gear fucked me with this setup making a chore grind mandatory it's an absolute disgrace fix your game! you've lost a returning player with this PVE grindy shit. PVP battleground spamming for max level gear is the gear grind I want! Let me do that!

  2. For someone looking for some serious advise/direction this video was a solid 2/5 stars. It’s very much directed towards mythic+ guilds on high-full pop servers. “Get some friends together and run a mythic+ raid.” Sure thing. I’ll get right on that.

  3. I got 400 piece from DS Warfront but it has really crap traits worse than my 355….every content is giving me crap heavy rng and some even low i level. World quests also still giving crap 350 360 gear worse than my current.

  4. I'm sorry man, I tried as hard as I could, but I just can't listen to you droning on for 14 odd minutes. I'm sure there's some great tips in here somewhere… but I'll never hear them.

  5. heres what i did from fresh 289 today: 8.1 gearing fresh warlock

    10 am sunday 3/10

    start 281.25 equipped

    did azerite cache emissary, 335 gloves

    world boss darkshore no loot

    355 staff from darkshore rare

    355 pants darkshore rare

    310 azerite chest wq drustvar

    315 world quest cloak drustvar

    ilvl 300 !

    level neck at magni from main's rep, 304->319->334->349

    ilvl 304

    325 azerite shoulder wq

    315 belt wq

    315 trinket wq

    315 ring wq

    315 wrist wq

    330 feet wq proc from 315

    320 ilvl 2 pm

    340 azerite helm zandalar cache

    310 ring auction house

    355 deck squalls

    332 ilvl


    330 belt wq

    335 wrist wq

    340 azerite shoulder wq

    335 ilvl

    3:00 pm

    330 cloak, now 336.5 ilvl

    355 ring heroic dungeon

    355 azerite helm

    345 ring lfr uldir

    340 azerite chest

    344.25 5:30 pm

  6. I see all this hate, and yet the game is still vastly more popular that any other MMORPG on twitch. Why is that so ? Numbers dont lie. Same thing for youtube. Biggest MMO youtubers are all WoW youtubers. Haters hate, but they still pay their monthly fee. Not saying Wow is perfect though.

  7. Ahhhhhhh what the hell is all this… Im a returning player. Ive got my 120…I have no idea where to start. any help would be nice. i'm alliance please. If you can be specific that would be lovely.

  8. Specific token cost up over 10x, while overall acquisition is only up by maybe 4-5x since the majority of it will come from d/e and not the weekly cache(with some exceptions of course). So basically it is a massive overall cost increase.

  9. I'm around lvl 370. I want to get higher but find it difficult, always being declined on +mythics . I do BG for weekly chest, I try to do the warfronts offered. But I'm lost as to how to find an incursion. I'm new, only been playing 3 months. Also how do I find a world boss? Any advice, tips, or help would be appreciated.

  10. I understand why people say the game is dead.
    You can't get in a group for a raid or mythic dungeon while being new. The community on WoW is freaks who need you to have 385+ gear score in order to get into their raid/dungeon.
    Plus you have to learn/study the mechanics, and honestly between having a job and everything that shit is impossible.
    So if you're a casual player, find a different game. WoW is for no life neckbeards. Like Asmongold who has friends and a community.
    As a solitary person without a guild or friends, WoW is not fun, and should not be played.


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