Get MASSIVE Loot in Week 3 of Shadowlands(Weekly and Daily To-Do List)


Blizzard has just announced the loot drop levels that will be obtainable next week in Shadowlands. In this video I cover what weekly and daily activities you need to do, and how you should prioritize them. Don’t forget to like and subscribe so that you’re notified of my new videos! Read more below:

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Naguura’s video explaining the weekly vault in more detail:
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I aim to create high level, yet easy to understand content for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for new videos – I’d love to hear it in the comments.


  1. Good video guide, but good luck pugging as a dps period. Im an aff lock and its been a crazy struggle. Mythic plus is hard to queue into a M0, let alone any key. Highest ive joined at random is a +3.

  2. This video has already aged poorly regarding doing raid with PUG and no gear. This raid isn't a cake walk and gear checks happen early.

  3. you know … pug whatever it is – but YOUR Pugs are the Best Pugs i've ever seen — im with real zoo animals all the time … just straight to hell with them

  4. You’ve been one of my favorite wow content creators for a while. Thanks for all of your work! Happy Holidays!

  5. Wait do you only get an item from the Great Vault this week? So no point doing a m+ on my alts if im capping conquest/pushing rating?

  6. I'm ilvl 186 and I keep getting declined for +2 wtf is going on spent an hour last night and constantly declined I'm a bm hunter the week before I was an instant accept to any group I joined

  7. Im stuck at renown 4. Idk where to get more renown quests, anyone know? Im pretty casual btw so im not caught up and prob wont catch up

  8. "Raids are about mechanics, not your gear score." Blizzard: "Hold my beer.." I heard a lot of worlds first guilds gave up on Heroic Castle of Narnia, and went straight to gearing in M+'s.

  9. I don't understand why even pvp then if you just get way better items in myhtic plus so pvp is totally pointless all my work has been for fuck all because one nerd who spams myhtic plus can just 1 shot me

  10. "get massive loot in week 3" . Dude, I can't even get into heroics. WQs don't drop loot, caches don't drop loot, and dungeon drops have been reduced over BFA and legion. Literally the only way to gear in Shadowlands is to spam regular dungeons, then spam heroics, then spam mythics. Fanboys are acting like this is actually good content, but sub numbers will be back down to even less than BFA within 3 months. Literally all shadowlands did was take the content from old expacs (story, dungeons, and raids) and the content from legion (WQs, Caches, Mythic+) and then they nerfed it all. Literally the only new feature in shadowlands is Torghast. The rest of the content is actually worse than what existed in legion. Hell, they even took away the flight whistle and reduced the # of WQs, just to slow the game down so you can't see that there is no actual new content.

  11. 1:16 Lies
    The world boss was very difficult, that mechanic called broken servers that dced me several times was definitely a hard mechanic, although it was probably overtuned since its the first week
    Still great video tho keep up the great work!

  12. yo,new player here, can someone explain with wich addon i can put important skill right in the middle of my screen like him? i have envui but i guess thats not it, maybe is weak auras or smth else?

  13. This was really stretched out. I'm surprised I watched the whole thing. There was 2 minutes max of useful info in this video.

  14. But the cap from thorgast this week is 970 from what I’ve heard. I’ve saved mine I have 1520 that equals 2490 and one legendary cost 1250? So how can we make 2?

  15. Ya, well nothx. Wont be able to keep up two works this expansion as well. Better to play something else for me. It is all or nothing and I do not have time to sit down 10 hours a day to play at top again.

  16. Jesus how much are yall playing. I will be surprised if I get past a 4 or 5 key the first week. My luck with gear sucks and I cant output the heals without the gear lol

  17. I am excited for the chance to get better gear, because I figure by the time I hit ilvl 165, then I should be able to finally queue for Normal Mode dungeons on my Brewmaster monk and get a group through the first boss. Looking forward to the first time I can get a group past the fat Abom in Necrotic Wake, because at 165 I imagine I can trivialize the dungeon enough thatvit won’t matter how incapable the heals/DPS are. Can’t wait!

  18. I was wondering if you could make a video about how the dungeon changes as you go up in keys? Is there already a good resource for this? Is it like Rifts in Diablo 3?

  19. I noticed on the reward for Torghast it says if you finish floor 3 you get the reward from previous floors aswell.


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