Goldfarming Dire Maul in Shadowlands | Goldmaking


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Misc: Nat Pagle’s Guide (
Materials: Felcloth + Classic Herbs
Transmog: Wand of arcane potency, Firemane leggings, Tyrant set, Stonecloth set, Saltstone set, some jade items, Steadfeast items, embersilk set,
Epics such as; Fiery War Axe, Nightblade++
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  1. Dire Maul is a good dungeon to farm! People forget about it too! I've made a lot of gold of the fel cloth (+Tailoring crafting) and that Paladin item as well!

  2. How often do you usually update the book? I bought it a month ago and haven’t received any email that it’s been updated

  3. I would add just one more thing: [A Thoroughly Read Copy of "Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin'."]. There are like 5-6 spots on your path that allow you to pick up a red book. On my server Nat Pegle's Guide cost around 10k each coz some ppl still want to get secret ret pal weapon from Legion.

    Edit: Got it on my first try XD

  4. No surprise on on the herb's. I've been herbing with my herb'oh Druid boi for 2 hours a day collecting 💰
    big 🪙👛 around there also farming the pet dragon's.

  5. Was wondering, what is the minimum price you guys decide its worth posting for transmog items?
    Since TSM "nerf", I think it takes too long to post everything


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