Goldfarming In Halls Of Lightning, Why Are People Doing it? | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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Items: Materials: Eternal Fire, Eternal Air, Eternal Water
Reputation item: Relic of ulduar
Transmog; Astral Light Bow, Dutiful Longbow, Expert’s Longbow etc.
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  1. What would you suggest for a druid speed set at lvl 60? The lower level stuff doesn't seem to be very effective at max level.
    Thanks for the info

  2. What is y realm?
    I'm playing in howling fjord, and in RU realm very difficult to sell some transmog items.
    I think i should start play in EU realm for goldfarm, but idk what's realm better?
    Ps. Sorry for bad eng 🙁

  3. Itresting fact is that the mobs dropping the eternals also drop motes of water for primal water on HC mode, kinda pog tbh

  4. I have sold super rare green BoE bows from TBC and WotLK for 80000g or more. One of them took over a year but it sold and the wait was worth it. If you have one you are often the only person selling it. Similar story with one of the wands you can find in Molten Core and BWL.

  5. I don't even wow head'It items anymore. The addon All the things; has it built in on every item that shares a
    appearance with one another and what is unique.

  6. ahh, i can see vid right after i left the stream, sadly in the stream i wasted my famous line "what are you farming and why"


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