Goldfarming In Mana-Tombs, Why Are People Doing It? | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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Ethereum Prison Key – Need to get revered with consortium + do ‘ A Mission Of Mercy’
Materials: Primal Shadow + Khorium/adamantite
Transmog: Crown of endless knowledge + World Drop Epic BOE’s ( Best beeing Blade of wizardry )
World Drop Plans & Patterns Like : Felsteel longblade, Khorium champion, Dirge etc etc.
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  1. You stop getting rep at honored on normal. So, change it to Heroic at honored but don't kill any bosses to keep grinding to revered

  2. you have to be really careful at the last boss because if you're a beginner, like i am, you're probably going to aggro the boss and mess everything up as i did >.<

  3. Another "If It Sounds To Good To Be True – It Is" Youtube video. Poster neglects to point out that getting the Mark Of The Nexus King, as part of obtaining the key for Mana Tombs is one of the longest single quest grinds in the game. I wasted two hours and shut her down. I suspect that if I purchased his book and followed it, I'd be dead and buried before realizing 10 million in gold.
    Unless you're up for a grind with little return… pass on this one.

  4. it has to be heroic for you to gain rep after honored. -> so that means kill all mobs (not bosses) on hc between honored and revered

  5. I love farming when it causes me to go through every expansion. I love making myself spend time in almost every old zone.

  6. From watching your channel in the past 2 weeks I've started farming some dungeons and have about 2 million gold worth of stock across both factions on my server, just trying to sell it now


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