Hearthstone and 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' References in Dragonflight

Hearthstone and 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' References in Dragonflight

In Algeth’ar Academy, the students Yumadormu and Setogosa can be found, arguing over a deck of Hearthstone cards. Yumadormu (likely a reference to Yuma Tsukumo, the main protagonist of the spin-off series ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal’) is begging Setagosa (likely a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh antagonist Seto Kiba) for his Hearthstone deck back. Setogosa seems unimpressed with Yumadormu’s deck and is refusing to hand it over.

Yumadormu says: Seto, this isn’t funny.
Setogosa says: I’m just looking at them, calm down.
Yumadormu says: You looked at them all, now give them back.
Setogosa says: Stop being such a hatchling.

If we try to intervene, it only makes Setogosa throw the deck into the river, and we have to retrieve the soaked cards from the local fish who have devoured them.

Setogosa says: Say goodbye to your precious cards!
Yumadormu says: NOOOOOO! My Cards!
Yumadormu says: Why would you do that!?!
Setogosa says: You should be thanking me, you’re nothing but a mediocre player, with an even worse deck.

Luckily, as a bronze dragon, Yumadormu is able to reverse the damage done to the cards (which turn out to be a warrior deck), and asks you for help recruiting new Dracthyr members for his Hearthstone club. The Dracthyr are still learning about the world outside their long rest, and some mistake the invite to a Hearthstone duel as a request to fight, while others confuse Hearthstone the game with Hearthstones – the teleportation item – but you manage to gather together enough players for a club.

Setogosa is not pleased when Yumadormu gets approval for the club, and, ruffled by her insults, Yumadormu challenges her to a duel.

Setogosa says: Wait! I don’t see why he should get approval for making this hearthstone club. He’s not even good at the game.
Yumadormu says: Seto! Why are you always so demeaning?!?
Yumadormu says: That’s it! I challenge you to a duel!
Yumadormu says: If I win you leave me alone, if you win I’ll never play hearthstone again.
Professor Dromokdormi says: Yumadormu I think that’s a little extreme…

The professor sends us to keep an eye on the game, just to make sure everyone follows the rules. As it turns out, Setogosa tries to cheat, but we intervene, and Yumadormu wins the match!

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