Henry Cavill as Arthas Menethil by BossLogic, Actor Approves

Henry Cavill as Arthas Menethil by BossLogic, Actor Approves

Today, the extremely prolific artist BossLogic created a mockup of the actor as the Lich King Arthas Menethil, complete with Frostmourne in hand. Based on the recent Witcher Season 2 promotional photo of Geralt of Rivia. The armor has been tweaked with skulls, spikes, and furs, as a less plate heavy but somewhat more realistic looking version of Arthas’ outfit from Warcraft III.

Cavill himself seems to be in favor of the idea, commenting on the instagram post by tagging Blizzard, which fans are taking as a not so subtle indication that this movie needs to happen!

Despite having absolutely no indication that there is any sort of Arthas / Lich King movie in the works, fans have been rabid in their approval of the faux casting choice, and it seems to be a story that just isn’t going away as the idea continues to gain traffic and fans continue to create fan art in support of the suggestion.

Fan art by Shara184, GeordieGamerGuy, Remus88Romulus, Punctuation_Art, Ryzo_0451 and BarraDois

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