HER Power REVEALED! Shadowlands SHAKES UP WoW Lore: The Aribter, Jailer, New Reveals & MORE!


Shadowlands changes much of the Warcraft lore, establishing the “Arbiter” & “Jailor”, as well as explaining Sylvanas’s massive power increase.
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  1. If you look carefully The Jailor's crown looks a lot like King Terenas's crown at the end of the Human Capaign of Warcraft 3. 😉 I wonder if they'll use King Terenas as a sort of model for the Jailor and reintroduce him in a way so that we get Arthas (blondie) back too ;D

  2. Can they just write in that the maw is where the void and the shadowlands meet and it's voidlords fester in imprisonment. Just an Idea. You know the void lord are neither living nor dead and the jailer was the one who was meant to watch over them and stop them from wreaking havoc blah blah blah

  3. Ohhh so basically every single enemy we have killed and everyone who died during this war there souls all went to the maw also here is my question lol so if we kill a enemy in the shadowlands where um do they go? What happens? Does this place the shadow lands only apply to Azeroth or does it apply to ALL WORLDS! Like the out lands and what not

  4. i think the real reason why it was so important to kill malfurion was because of his anima, in the next expansion we learn that shadowlands work with anima, and that the souls of important individuals have more anima than others, im sure that malfurion stormrage has a lot more anima than the average elf so the reason why sylvanas wanted him dead so much was to make malfurion soul travel to the maw and then empower her further.

  5. I wonder if Sylvanas were asked, “where is our home?” She would still say Azeroth. I think she is on her way to showing us how important Azeroth is to a Banshee Queen of the Shadowlands. Wouldn’t be surprised if she enslaves the Arbiter in order to do that. Wouldn’t that also fall in line with her primary goal of mastering death?

  6. I’m gonna throw this theory thought now, I feel the jailer is Argus. The titan of death who survived and is pissed off wanting power. And or the jailer is a ancient titan who found a way to obtain an huge amount of power.

  7. Though 1: The Jailor is Mueh'zala and the Arbiter is his father: Time ("Son of Time")
    Thought 2: The Jailor is Death (the process of being killed, like Thanathos) and the Arbiter is afterlife (much like Hades)
    Thought 3: The Arbiter is the Necromancer guy in Warcraft 3's Warchasers lol

  8. They'd better bring back Abby Lewis for more creepy little girl quests in the Drust area. Her brief little questline is still one of my favourite parts of the entire BfA expansion, and it doesn't REALLY have a conclusion, she just runs off. 😛


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