How I Lost 8 Million Gold in BFA | Deflation and the Death of Gold Making


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  1. The Grumpus mount sells for MAYBE 30k on every sever i've been on. If you bought that old mount for 100+ k and lost gold, that's completely on you.

    Oh ffs… you bought SLB for 60k? The mount that never breaks 15k?? Your TSM / TUJ addon is broke.

  2. This is why my current strategy is to move in and out of markets whenever I feel like. I earn less, but also spend alot less time playing Blizzard's Timesinks and Slavery game and thus maximize the fun I have. Especially since the most fun I have is when I burn alot of gold and suddenly make it all back 8h later because of earlier choices.

    Having options is what I love about gold making. If I have that I don't care if shit gets harder for the Goblins.

  3. yeah. i am on the 2nd highest population, u.s., server and so many times i feel like i am on a very low pop one. trade chat will be dead silent for like 30 minutes at a time; ah prices are not stagnant, but always increasing for mats, whereas the products we craft are not selling well at all. Either in volume nor returns. I get the odd feeling that most people, at least one my server, are simply getting all of their needs (chants, food, consumables, etc) from theirl guild rather than buying them on the ah. A lot of the chants and food are in the negative returns almost every day now. We will see how it is come the next raid; but then classic will be around the corner so i expect less people to be on after that drops. ugh.

  4. Since pets, mounts and transmogs usually tend to sell for more on low pop servers than high pop servers, I think the explanation that fewer people are playing doesn't make much sense and it's simply due to greatly reduced raw gold making in the game, which makes each gold coin worth more compared to items. In general, fewer people means higher pet, mount and transmog prices, which is why so many people transfer them from high pop to low pop servers to make more gold, right?

  5. it's like giving a kid a bunch of money just to put them in his mouth or put them in the oven or the fridge or what have you, the new gen players don't appreciate the value of things,

  6. This sucks as I've just recently decided to get serious about hitting gold cap (the next major 'achievement' I've yet to earn in WoW). It feels like the only thing you make make reasonable steady money at is mats, but in the state things are now I'm not even sure that's the case any more.

    What does a dude have to do now to hit gold cap, and how long will it reasonably take?

  7. Have to admit having recently returned to the game I was sceptical about the deflation of gold within the game.
    Especially since with the help of videos from breg and others I was able to make a lot of gold from the AH.
    Legion was a good time for a goblin (an amateur one at that), I was able to make gold for my token each month and more.
    Now I’ve been back for about 2 months with 3 max levels it is increasingly hard to make the gold via AH. Don’t get me wrong I will most probably make the price of a token but with sales in decline and market values being destroyed on some items I’m finding myself turning to raw ways to make gold such as dungeon farms.
    Breg if you have any more tips or thoughts on this please feel free to message me.

  8. If you measure your personal wealth by WoW gold, may I suggest a fee-only financial planner. How about a school that still teaches SWOT in combination with real strategies (or are you talking "online" tulips- because they (your school) don't teach business cycle (or probability.)

  9. "go with the time". you didnt. there are a lot of ways to make gold using the deflation. you just didnt see it coming and invested in the wrong stuff. at least u know now and can change.

  10. Of course mounts that have been out for years are gonna drop in price, there's loads of free new ones people can get, plus when someone owns one its for life. John deere had the same problem, their tractors were lasting so long and needed so few replacement parts they LOST money because no one needed another. the deflation is hardly felt at all in the consumables market, cause ya know, they get consumed

  11. Sales have dropped some in WoW, but I'm still plugging along on my low pop realm. At the same time, you were speculating that certain things would go up in value. This is like playing the stock market, which is basically gambling. Unfortunately for anyone who invested this way (I did on a few things, but didn't have the capital or space to invest heavily), when the bubble around certain items bursts, the prices go down. And with the added AH fee for most mats, that's made the mat market not as good unless you are selling the items that go very quickly.

  12. Hey this might be a random question but did you ever play on Sylvanas alliance during WoD? I remember seing a druid in Stormheim everyday with the name "Breg" and we would always gamble for gold with /roll. Might be a different person but its worth asking


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