How to Buy Your Dragonflight Pre-Order Mount with Gold – Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 233

How to Buy Your Dragonflight Pre-Order Mount with Gold - Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 233

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 233rd edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

What a week for WoW news! We have the Dragonflight Pre-Order and WotLK Classic has started Beta! With all the renewed hype of what’s ahead, we look at what you can do right now to make gold and how you can purchase the next expansion with gold.

My name is Samadan and I’ll be your guide through the World of Gold Making!

How to Buy Your Dragon with Gold

The biggest piece of news this week was the Dragon Flight pre-orders have gone live including the physical Collectors Edition. The unexpected addition here was the commitment to release the expansion this year!

As expected, the token price saw an immediate spike as players rushed to convert gold to Bnet Balance and buy the digital version of the expansion…

Graph courtesy of

The highs of near tokens has not been seen since Legion! The token has been steadily rising with the release of Diablo Immortal and players cashing in gold to divert balance to in-game purchases and now with Dragon Flight, the rewards and anticipation saw an immediate rush to purchase.

Things have settled to around for EU and just over for NA for now. It is likely to stay strong now until the release of Dragon Flight when the token typically drops lower.

I’d wait till expansion hits before buying tokens. More people will be coming back and need gold vs now people selling gold for tokens to buy the expansion. Hence the token shortage since more sellers than token buyers.

When BfA hit the token price went from around 200k to 90k per and I was **** I’d converted about 5 million gold before the expansion to tokens. I would have gotten almost double my value had I waited. Before they put the 5 token cap I prepaid both my wow accounts for two years with that sale. Obviously, the 5 mill brutasaur mount was a huge gold sink as well.

If you look at Shadowlands launch the token price went from about 150k to 110k.

I expect this launch to have a similar effect to when legendaries got released. 200kish down to 150k or more.

If, like me, you did not have enough Bnet Balance banked already and did not have enough gold to buy tokens immediately and still want to get the Digital Pre-Order before Dragon Flight releases, you now have the challenge of collecting enough gold in the next few months.

So, looking at the token prices as they are today, you need for EU and for NA to buy the Epic Edition Pre-Order with gold. Let’s say the expansion releases beginning of December as a rough guess, that gives you 158 days to get the required gold. That’s a day for EU and a day for NA. Not taking into account any extra money needed to pay for game time if not purchased already.

That’s a healthy goal to aim for and certainly doable in the current state of the expansion. Manthieus has a fantastic video going through current methods ..

The topics covered for making gold right now include …

  • Mission Tables – We have covered these plenty of times before. Once set up, each character can bring in to a day, so you would need about 5 to 8 characters at level 60 running mission tables to get your expansion. See also Zanzarful
  • Farming in Zereth Mortis.
  • Vendor Shuffles depending on prices of base materials.
  • Crafting Professions.
  • Pet Sales over multiple reams.

We covered many of these techniques and more in our post a couple of weeks ago about Expanding your Gold Empire.

If you remember my Road to 5 Million Challenge way back when the Brutosaur was announced, I have made a similar chart for tracking progress to buy Epic Dragon Flight…

You will need to make a copy of the google sheet and put in your own figures for tracking. I hope this serves as an incentive for many to make gold and if you have any questions, please do get in touch or leave a comment below! Good luck!

Advice for Selling on Low Pop Servers

Many realms have been struggling with population of late and there have not been any new server connections for a long while now. u/OILERS asks the question on Making gold on a dead server/shard?

I enjoy making gold, particularly by working the auction house and crafting, but I’m on a pretty dead server shard and things take forever to sell. Most of the time they eventually do, aside from transmog items, but I don’t have the patience to relist ore and gems over and over until they sell because it ties up my inventory space and resources.

For example, things sell for higher but take forever to sell. A 291 Shadowghast ring is like 30-35k, but I’ve had a couple listed for like 3 days (while checking every couple hours for undercuts) and still haven’t sold. I could undercut severely, but that basically negates my profit as the crafting cost is about 24k alone. Another example was a Mechano Hog where according to TSM and Undermine Journal is worth 60-70k on my server. I relisted one for 2 weeks until I finally gave up and sold it in trade chat for like 40k.

I guess my point is I don’t have the patience to relist items over and over again but since my server is dead I sort of have to in order to sell anything. What’s my play here? Other option would be to farm high demand raw goods such as Sinvyr and sell it, but I don’t enjoy gathering much either.

It’s a common issue on lower population servers as sales are generally a lot slower, I myself have this on Shadowsong EU and my solution has been to diversify as much as possible in the crafting market to get a breadth of sales that sees at least something selling each day.

Dead severs are slower sales at a higher profit (ideally). IMO some servers are currently not worth playing. I have reduced activity on a server of mine because the amount of goblins just is way too high for the number of buyers. What I still craft is things like an obscure WoD or Legion Toy no else is making. One of my operations just sets everything to 19,999g. Find items like this and list for 48hrs, spam a macro, then forget about it. Look through Mage Tower spreadsheets and see if anything isn’t posted and put that up for crazy prices. Look up leveling/twink enchants and get those on the AH if they aren’t.

Basically fill the gaps and charge a premium for it. The things you mention are “go to” things that every goldmaker is aware of and are over saturated as a result.

The TSM price for your server can easily be inflated if even one goblin knows what they are doing. Good luck. ( I bought a bunch of Sinvyr to flip and am constantly reposting lol. The profits are there, but not if you don’t want to be the cheapest)

if you don’t have the patience you maybe need ti shift your market. there is no use for someone to buy more than 3 times the same pet but people can use a new flask every hour they play. people will likely not buy more than one ring but they will at least buy two enchants for their rings. you might not do the big sales with the fast markets but you might feel better because you don’t spend two weeks without a sale. never underestimate cooking

Hello, fellow low-population person.

My play is selling a higher variety of things rather than placing too much dependence on a narrow product line. Keep finding more things to sell. Level more alts to do things that earn more gold, like the Revendreth secret treasure that drops the expensive pet when it is up or other once-a-day things that you can just log out next to.

Look at things like enchanting tome of illusion or inscription glyphs. Legion has a toy in every profession. Sell more enchanting vellums.

Search the auction house to see what is high-priced and find out how to get the recipe and sell it yourself.

Watch material prices – my realm is subjected to complete buyouts and markups of the entire listing of certain materials. Buy low and stock up to ride it out.

Don’t undersell yourself. Are you desperate for gold or just looking to make more? I’ve had stuff up for months that finally sells and I have enough materials stashed away to make another one right away and post it again.

Don’t look at TSM and TUJ values as 100% truth. That is just scraped from other listing prices or TSM data that is shared back into the TSM system. There are several posts on this sub with about manipulating those numbers. Just set your profit margin based on material costs and post it.

It certainly can be a challenge finding your niche and perhaps moving to a higher pop server may be a solution. Always worth testing out if that feels better.

Farming Old Raids

DalaGG has a great video this week going over farming old raids and what to look out for in each …

Good Uses for Fishing

This was an interesting question this week – What are some good spots for fishing? as posted by u/111ThatGuy111

Hi guys,

Where are some good spots to go fishing? Could fish up rare fish, items etc etc

I can’t find anything online…

I know a lot of farmers/botters have crashed the market on the AH, but wondered if there was anything outside of shadowlands maybe?

Many thanks

At least on my server, the only fish worth anything are the Shadowlands fish (low gp/h compared to other SL farms) and darkmoon faire fish.

For rare items though, there are two mounts worth mentioning. You can fish up an item called Strange Goop (currently worth 70k on my server) from a particular spot in zereth mortis which is used to obtain the Deepstar Aurelid mount. For catchrate, the number I’ve seen floating around is one catch per 20,000 casts, but I don’t think that’s totally accurate and was just speculation from some Wowhead comment or something. I’ve caught 5 or so and have gotten them in anywhere from 50 to 20,000 casts.

There’s also the great sea ray mount (currently 200k on my server) fished from any water in kul’tiras or zandalar. Supposedly the catchrate is similar to Strange Goop, but I’m definately well over 20k casts and have been going for it since BfA but have yet to catch one. I think I’ve just been particularly unlucky though. I think of fishing as a gambling farm.

If the catchrates on Strange Goop and great sea ray really are about the same, I’d expect the price of strange goop to go up to about 200k as well in dragonflight when there are fewer people farming zereth mortis for the latest collectibles. I’ve got one in the bank for that reason.

you go to deepholm and there you go fish the blind fish from the schools. they sell for about 100g each on my server and competition is minimal. schools in deepholm can also drop tome of illusion turtle. market volume is small so you won’t need to do this for days on end to get a good stock.

during darkmoon faire you can fish the darkmoon fish on darkmoon isle and sell them to people who want to buy the mount or pets.

another good one is oily blacks in stranglethorn.

Magical crawdad pets are pretty reliable sells for 20k a piece. You get them from fishing up mr pinchy in the lobster fishing nodes (tbc era) in terrokar flying areas (notable sethis) . If you’re lucky with your 3 wishes, you can get 60k from a single Mr pinchy.

Other fishing pets are decent value but sell slower. Search “fishing” under pets & you’ll see them all. Panda/BFA ones are what i’ve targeted in the past.

Some fantastic suggestions there, both current and old world. Fishing can be a wonderfully relaxing way to spend your time in WoW

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server.

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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