How to Cancel Containment Cell on Zo'phex – Tazavesh: Streets Mythic+ Tips and Tricks

How to Cancel Containment Cell on Zo'phex - Tazavesh: Streets Mythic+ Tips and Tricks

Potion of Unhindered Passing

  • During the Zo’phex boss fight he will periodically cast Interrogation on a random party member (excluding the tank), upon expiring, it will lock the player in Containment Cell. However, if you use the Potion of Unhindered Passing prior to the end of Interrogation you will completely disregard the Containment Cell.
  • This trick will save you time on the boss, regardless of the key level, it is also important to note that the Potion of Unhindered Passing shares cooldowns with all offensive potions (excluding Cosmic Healing Potion or any other healing potion-type), so it’s best if you save your second potion of the dungeon for this boss. I have attached a clip below just for you see how the trick looks once it’s done on the live servers.

Alternative Ways to Handle Containment Cell

In case you have your potion on cooldown, there are several other ways for you to avoid getting Containment Cell:

Biggest Pros and Cons

There are a lot more pros than cons, but we are going to list few major ones before you decide if you want to use the trick or not:

  • The biggest pro is that you completely skip dealing with a major boss mechanic, which requires your group to actively focus the Containment Cell. If you decide not to handle the Containment Cell normally, it will slow you down significantly. Now keep in mind, the Containment Cell‘s health increases the higher the key is, and therefore this trick will save you even more time once you decide to do higher than the average keys are. At last, keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice the usage of the battle-potion necessarily. As long as you have the abilities listed above, you can always immune the Interrogation.
  • The biggest con is that you will have to sacrifice potential DPS coming out of your battle potion to use an utility potion to avoid getting the Containment Cell, which will cause less personal DPS, but this is overcome with a big gain in terms of overall dungeon speed for your group.

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