How to: Hit 999k gold cap in WoW | Zygor Gold Guide


Fast n’ simple! That’s the way I make my own gold and it really works! Try it out and share your experience! Feel free to ask for any tips or suggestions in the comments below!
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  1. After watching ur vd, I find that beside dg, bg, collecting mount and pet in wow, I can also have a try of the game's economy system, thank you for the guide.

  2. I'm on the trial right now but am very confused. I don't know if the add-on has updated or not, considering you uploaded this video a year ago… – But the menus aren't where you say they are explained in this video. If there is a settings option anywhere for this, let us know!

  3. Hi. Never trayed the gold making part of this guide but the lvling part of it is awsome. no u dont need a lvling guide really 2 play but i want it 2 be effective and fast and this addon does the job really good.


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