How To Install Zygors Leveling Guide Video


Hello Everyone,

In this video I’m going to show you how easy it is to purchase and install Zygors Leveling Guide, including how easy it is to install the free updates and show you some of the free bonus materials that you get with the guide.

First go to and click on the category called Zygors Leveling Guide.

Select the post called Zygors Leveling Guide.

Click on the picture in the middle of the post.

On the next page pick the guide that you want. There are many different guides available.
I’m going to pick the Horde Leveling Guide.

You see here that I have the Horde Leveling Guide selected.
Now I’ll create an account with Zygors so I can download the guide and get the free updates.

First create a username and password. This does NOT have to be your World of Warcraft username.

Now enter your name and email address.

Your email will contain the link to download the Guide so make sure that you type it correctly.

Once you’re done, click Continue.

This will take you to the order form where you will enter your payment information.

Click Pay Now and you will be taken to your receipt page.

Click Access Purchase and you’ll be taken to a registration page.
Just enter your email and you will have access to the free updates.

The next page gives you the simple instructions how to login and download your new guide.

Open your email from Zygor Guides and you will see your Zygor Username and Password along with a link where you can download your guides.

Click the link.

Login with your new Zygor Account.

This page shows you everything you have access to including the bonuses you get for free.

Some of these bonuses are limited time only and they are very helpful.

You see here that I have the Archaeology Guide, the Guild Leveling Perks Guide, the Death Knight Class Guide, the Inscription Leveling Guide, the Auctioneer Appraiser Guide, and the Food and Drink Stats Guide. All of these came free with Zygors Leveling Guide and they have a lot of valuable information.

At the top of the page click the “All In One download section” link.

Choose the link for whatever operating system you are using. I’m using Windows so I’ll click the button on the upper left. This will download the Zygor installer which makes the installation easy. It also makes updating your Zygors Guide VERY easy. I’ll show you this in a minute.

Save the Zygors Guide Updater to your desktop.
Open and run it.

When you initally install the Zygors Guide updater it will ask you for your Zygors Username and Password but I’ve already installed it so I will need to click the settings button to show you how it works.

The Zygors Guide updater only needs 3 pieces of information.

The location of your Addons folder for World of Warcraft.
The location of where your World of Warcraft Launcher is.

I just chose the default locations for both of these

and finally your Zygor Guides username and password.

Now if you look closely you will see that my current version of Zygors Guide is 3.0.1766 but the latest version is 3.0.1790.
So all I have to do to update is click the update button. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

So once my guide is updated I can just click the Launch Wow button to start playing.

Once you log into wow you can click the Addons button and make sure that all of your Zygors Guide addons are enabled.

Once you’re in the game you will see a new window with step by step instructions on what to do next including which quests to accept.

You’ll also see a new arrow pointing to the location that you need to go to with a dot on your world map.
and an arrow inside your minimap.

Well thats all for now. I hope this video has been helpful to you.

Thanks for watching, and have a great day!
Zygor Guides, LLC



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