How to Level in Torghast in Patch 9.1.5 – Sources of Experience

How to Level in Torghast in Patch 9.1.5 - Sources of Experience

Requirements to Level in Torghast

In order to level in Torghast, characters must be in Threads of Fate, characters doing the campaign cannot use Torghast for leveling. Reminder that you can swap to Threads of Fate at any moment during the campaign by talking to Fatescribe Roh-Tahl in Oribos. You cannot go back to the campaign afterwards.

Once in Threads of Fate, you must talk to Tal-Inara to pick up the quest Torghast. Completing this quest unlocks Tower of the Damned. This quest will ask you to jump in the Maw. After jumping, you’ll find yourself inside Torghast. There you’ll find Ve’nish standing by the The Box of Many Things and the Wayfinder. Once you complete Tower of the Damned you may queue for the leveling version of Torghast.

You can invite level 60 players to join your group. As long as they’ve unlocked max level Torghast you should be able to join leveling Torghast.

How to Gain Experience in Torghast

There are three main sources of experience in Torghast:

  • Defeating enemies
  • Completing events like puzzles or rescuing prisoners
  • Defeating the Floor 5 Boss

Currently, on PTR, this is the current experience balancing:

  • Defeating enemies rewards a flat 30 experience per enemy, regardless if it is a Maw Rat or Elite enemy
  • Completing events rewards 1% experience
  • Defeating the Floor 5 Boss rewards 10% experience

All these experience rewards are increased by rested experience and the experience is shared if in a party. As you level up closer to 60, the values reduce to the point of defeating the floor 5 Boss only rewarding 5% experience at level 59. Other experience gains scale similarly.

Torghast Leveling Daily Quest

The Box of Many Things offers a daily quest, Traversing Torghast. This quest requires you to complete two Torghast wings and rewards 150xSoul Ash and a good chunk of experience. Currently, at level 50, this quest rewards around 30% of a level. This value decreases the closer you get to level 60.

Opinion: Is Torghast Leveling Viable in the Current State?

With the current values present on the PTR, Torghast leveling is a hard sell. The experience values for everything related to it are really not that enticing, requiring ludicrous clearing speeds to be able to match other leveling methods like doing the Campaign or other Threads of Fate quests.

Another big issue is that leveling in Torghast doesn’t seem to reward any gear, which means that you either must have a full upgraded heirloom set, visit the auction house for new pieces of gear, or mix Torghast with different leveling methods that provide gear like Dungeons.

The daily provides a good benefit and a nice amount of XP. It is still weird that it requires two wings of Torghast to complete, when the patch notes have stated otherwise. Perhaps an oversight that will be fixed in future builds.

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