How To Make 1,000,000 Gold In WoW BFA 8.1 – 8.1.5


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My Channel Covers Gold Guides and Achievements for all players in wow.

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  1. Yeah … i would like to know how to make gold without the reliance of the Auction House. Like if you are on a Realm where it is not worth to farm Trade Goods because people undercut you insanely on those … it's not worth my time, as are those Auction House Flips … those are ok to do if you want to stand around and watch your addon scan the Auction House …
    How do you make good gold … without using the typical AUction House things everyone else already does?

  2. How does farming gold on multiple servers benefit you, are you able to transfer that gold or are you just transferring the character once you've made enough gold to send it to your main character?

  3. Next time, please script videos like this. Your speech was all over the place and incredibly hard to follow. I'm Australian, so I don't think it's a miscommunication between an EU player and an NA player, as in my experience, EU and AUS understand each other well but NA people sometimes have things lost in "translation".

    I found myself scrolling back through the video many times because there were many words spoken several times for no reason and I had to dissect what you were really trying to /ultimately/ say.

    An informative video, I'd just critique that the delivery could be better.

  4. Hey thanks nice vids ! 🙂
    I found some pets on my realm that have not been seen for 7months and 2 are avaible on another realm where i play too. I'm scared of buying this and never sell them. I dunno if there is pet buyers on my realm ><
    What do you think of that ? 🙂 please


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