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My Channel Covers Gold Guides and Achievements for all players in wow.

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  1. On one of the least populated server and nothing sells, nothing! Only potions sell but not much, transmog never sell, pets dont sell. Only thing I can do is farm Iron Docks nonstop but its soo dull and only makes 3k an hour.

  2. I've made millions with skinning. Just look further back in the older expansions. That's where the gold is. Find a nice audiobook and get a few of all the rare skins and start posting. To make gold just dip your fingers in all the honey pots you can. Good luck!

  3. I don't know what realm you are playing on but nearly none of the things you mentioned make a profitt on high pop ones. I'm on silvermoon and even with extreme luck you are losing money on crafting potions and flasks for example. Same for the rest.

  4. You mentioned that certain items take a long time to sell. Does that mean you asked for too much gold and had to relist multiple times with adjusted prices?

  5. Farm old raids since wotlk to hellfire citadel i guarantee u A lot of gold from that every dps on 120 with Blue items can farm it and its A lot of gold from each character and u do it very quickly its around 10k or even more for like 6 7 raids and u can do like 30 of them just by selling items to vendor and u get transmogs and mounts

  6. dude not to sound offensive but all your methods you talk about really do not work I have tried every one of them and I am lucky to make 1000g a week prices for items have completely went down to nothing I think you need to rethink your methods its the server base that you are on that determines your gold making and what sales not what professions you have

  7. WoD Drums are still a decent seller, you can trap an awful lot of clefthoofs at 110 upwards and cycle them in the garrison barn and tannery (or have a LW), likewise the dranic invis pots, just equip your garrison boats with nets and hope that rnjesus gives up saberfish

  8. All the prices on my server (med server) are way down. Used to sell herbs/skinning stuff and fish. Example Ancor weed down to about 100g used to be 400 – 500 herbs are waaaaay down also. What are some real way to make gold at this point in the expansion.

  9. This was an amazing video, very well put. Also, thank you for not sugarcoating the transmog market! That sets you apart from so many other farming channels and has gained my sub!

  10. Herbalism sucks right now on my realm. Most herbs are below 10g which just doesnt seem worth farming. I tried Inscription then market tanked so hard price is now 30% of what it used to be and the profit is very small.

  11. draenor rares tend to get me 10-15 k per toon on average. you forgot about demidos in silvermoon which sells for 7k-14k on my server, also you forgot about nok karosh an easy 500g-3k. also blacktock spire hc has a rare that occasionally drops a pet thats worth 20k on my high pop server and 35k on the new player realm, also forgot about the garrison mission table. if you do all the mission table for garrioson resourcea, if you have a trade post but a stack of 200 of fur or ore whenever its 16 per one, Also always change your apexis crystals into pet varying realm ive sold several for 1k which is like 1 or 2 garrison missions

  12. Since the beginning of BFA I've only farmed BoE's and they got me millions. Of course that's RNG, but if you farm Mythic BoD trash once per day(and of course you can do that every hour per 10 runs), you'll eventually get one and you'll be able to pay your next 2 months for sure.


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