How to Prepare for Burning Crusade Classic – What To Do In Advance of Launch

How to Prepare for Burning Crusade Classic - What To Do In Advance of Launch

The Burning Crusade is on the horizon and many players are wanting to prove Illidan wrong, and actually be prepared. For some players, this could be as simple as having enough gold for Epic Flying right away. For others, this means having multiple alts at level 60 for Profession gold and stockpiling hundreds of Classic Profession materials to turn a profit after Classic Burning Crusade’s release!

Decide what Character you want to play

While this might seem obvious, players will need to adapt to a changing PvE landscape in The Burning Crusade. Many factors of the changing PvE landscape occur, so players will be looking to re-roll as new classes come Classic Burning Crusade. With many raid groups bringing over a dozen Warriors, taking advantage of egregious class stacking, going into The Burning Crusade, those Warriors won’t have raid spots like they did in Classic! That means a lot of players will be re-rolling as other classes and roles.

Making up your mind on your main character isn’t a dire priority, but can be beneficial in The Burning Crusade, as the attunement process is quite a time sink, and getting early raid lockouts can payoff in the long run. If you are the type of player to have multiple alts, it would be a good idea to focus on one first, usually dependent on what your raid group needs.

Plan your Professions

Because of the overhaul to professions in TBC, it might be a good idea to consider swapping to Leatherworking for Drums of Battle, an extremely powerful item that only Leatherworkers can use. Blizzard has announced potential changes to Leatherworking Drums, and we don’t know the full extent of these changes. However, raid groups will certainly want a few Leatherworkers in the raid because of how valuable Drums of Battle are. Jewelcrafting will be in high demand, as it is an entirely new profession and people will want Gems for their gear right away. So, if you’re looking to make a lot of gold, Jewelcrafting will be in demand for quite some time.

Burning Crusade Classic Professions Overview

Farm Profession Materials

Because of these profession changes, the items required to level these professions will have insanely high demand on day one of TBC, so it might be a good idea to stockpile the items you’ll need early! To level Jewelcrafting from 1 to 300, Jewelcrafters will need jewels gathered from Mining, such as Tigerseye, Moss Agate, Citrine, Aquamarine, Star Ruby, Large Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Azerothian Diamonds, and so on. These jewels will skyrocket in value come day one, so start farming them now!

Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide

Figure out how you want to Level

This is another fairly obvious one, but it is definitely worth mentioning. There are basically two ways to level and both have their own pros and cons, which we can break down here. First is the traditional way of leveling, going through each zone, questing, and occasionally queuing up a dungeon. This is the standard way of leveling that most players are used to and the majority of players did during The Burning Crusade. This is a great way to also farm the necessary gold for flying, if you’re coming into Classic Burning Crusade without much gold.

The second way to level is spamming dungeons in a group. First, this method requires a decent set of gear before launch, so pretty much Naxxramas tier gear, as well as a proper group composition with a Healer and a Tank. The benefit to leveling this way is it is a tad faster and when you finish the grind to 70, you can still go back and do all the questing zones for gold. You’ll already farm a decent amount of reputation from the dungeons, which you’ll need to get anyway for the attunement process.

Basically, if you have gold, have Naxxramas gear, and can plan a group to dungeon grind together, spamming dungeons is definitely the way to go. If you don’t have gold, don’t have Naxxramas gear, then questing the old school way is the best option!

Burning Crusade Classic Faction and Reputation Overview

Decide between Aldor or Scryers

While this isn’t an absolute necessity, it can be a good idea to have your mind made up before you get there. The most note-worthy and important pieces from both factions is Aldor having Vindicator’s Brand, the pre-raid best in slot Weapon for Melee. For Scryers, there is a juicy spellcaster trinket in Scryer’s Bloodgem, which has twice as much Hit Rating as Neltharion’s Tear from Classic WoW. For most classes, both factions offer valuable rewards and Shoulder enchantments, which is best between the two depends on your Class, Specialization, and playstyle.

Burning Crusade Classic Aldor Reputation Guide

Burning Crusade Classic Scryers Reputation Guide

Level Profession Alts

This is a great strategy leading up to the release of Classic Burning Crusade. Having Profession alts can be a fantastic way to earn passive gold, just from profession cooldowns. A level 60 Tailor can craft Spellcloth, Primal Mooncloth, and Shadowcloth for quite a pretty penny. Level 60 Alchemists can also transmute Primal Mights, which will be in high demand during The Burning Crusade.

Another amazing option for a Profession alt is a Level 70 Druid with Mining and Herbalism. Druids have instant cast flight form in The Burning Crusade, making them a fantastic herbalist and miner out in the open world. In The Burning Crusade, herbalist will need to pick Fel Lotus, which is essentially the Black Lotus of The Burning Crusade, meaning you need 1 for every Flask craft. The interesting thing about Fel Lotus is it is a random drop from various herbs in The Burning Crusade, kind of like how Arcane Crystal was a random drop from Thorium Veins in Classic WoW!

Burning Crusade Classic Professions Overview

Familiarize yourself with the Attunement Process

If you haven’t seen the raid attunement process, buckle up. Getting attuned to Karazhan, Serprentshrine Cavern, The Eye, and Battle of Mount Hyjal is quite a lengthy process, unlike any raid attunement in Classic WoW. It involves multiple reputation grinds, flying mounts, Heroic dungeons (one of which is timed), and dozens of keys, keys keys!

Farm Gold

While this seems obvious, this is one of the best ways to prepare for The Burning Crusade. If you have enough gold, you can buy whatever you need, whether it be your flying mount, Bind on Equip gear, Enchants, Profession Materials, or even a carry in various Dungeons and Raids (this can get quite expensive, so be careful).

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