How to Prevent Oshir From Opening Wolf Cages – Mythic+ Iron Docks Tips and Tricks

How to Prevent Oshir From Opening Wolf Cages - Mythic+ Iron Docks Tips and Tricks

Preventing Oshir from Opening Cages

The hardest part of the fight is arguably dealing with the wolf cages; they have a lot of health, deal a lot of damage, and move very fast, which makes them hard to take care of. Most of the time, if you don’t have a lot of AoE CCs, as well as saved damage, these wolves can easily lead to a wipe. Thus, preventing them makes this fight much easier and simpler.

How to Prevent Oshir from Opening Cages

There are many spots throughout the room, but the easiest one to get into is shown in this clip:

Some things to note about this technique, regardless of spot you use: it will only prevent wolf cages from being opened, and only after the one closest to it has already been opened. At the end of the clip, you’ll see the boss stop attacking and look off like he wanted to open a cage. This is because we already had him open the cage closest on his right, which you can see open in the clip. Because he is out of line of sight of the next cage he wants to open, he won’t leap to do it.

One thing to note is that this does not prevent the boss from opening Rylak cages or using Time to Feed. This means you will have to pull him back into position fairly often. As I mentioned earlier, there are many spots that prevent him from jumping to open cages, most of them being indicated by a torch near a cage. You can wedge the boss between the nearest wall and a cage and prevent him from jumping to open cages. Additionally, if everyone is out of his line of sight when Time to Feed spell queues, he will do it on the tank, helping to keep your DPS alive.

Other Locations

The aforementioned other locations are marked as red Xs in this image. The black X is the spot shown in the clip, so it is easier to orient yourself and find the other spots. Each of them requires you to wedge yourself behind the nearest cage so the boss will LoS himself from other cages. What I mentioned before about having to have the nearest cage open is true of all these spots, so you will always have to play the first set of wolves in the fight. I recommend saving some damage and CC for those, as that will be the only time in the fight that you have to deal with them if you position the boss properly afterwards.

Another location to bring Oshir is onto Skulloc‘s boat. This is done by bypassing the reset area for Oshir by having him use Time to Feed to leap onto a party member on the boat, as shown in the clip below. While on the boat, Oshir will not use his ability to open cages on wolves or rylaks, and will only use Time to Feed and his frontal ability.

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