I Figured Out The Jailer's Plan And Sylvanas' Role in WoW Shadowlands – Speculation


The mystery of the Jailer is more than just his identity, it’s his plan to unmake everything by siphoning power from the Shadowlands. But how did he go about this? When did it begin? What does Sylvanas Windrunner have to do with it and is she as evil as she’s making herself out to be?

This video is going to take you for a ride. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Not sure if someone else has commented it or not already, but we know that Odin traded his right eye to a spirit in the Shadowlands, and that Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination were crafted there. There's also a strange in game resemblance to Odins eyes and the "gem" inside the Helm. Could explain how both Odin and The Lich King can create and command Valkyr.

  2. SURPRISE! The reason you Blizzard employees don't know, or don't want to say, anything about these certain connections, is because the speculation you are doing IS EXACTLY HOW they write new expansions and their connections with older ones. This is common knowledge that they specifically have a library of all the lore thus far and time stamped versions of their games to look back upon when writing new lore. They did not have anything about Shadowlands planed in Wrath, what they did was instead of writing a clean story with now loose ends they did the opposite, they wrote a story with as many loose ends as they could fit while still calling it a cohesive story, and now as they need more content to keep progressing the game they announce something new and then in conjunction with people like you, speculate with how the new stuff could somehow fit in with the old stuff. Believe it or not your speculations might turn out to be true NOT BECAUSE YOU WERE RIGHT but because the writers happened upon your video and used your speculations for their lore writing.

  3. Things that don't add up with your theory: It's been said that Sylvanas has been working WITH the Jailer since the Edge of Night, and Sylvanas worked with Varian on the Broken Shore to put herself in a position of power in hopes of becoming Warchief, despite how genuinly surprised she made herself look in the Fate of the Horde cinematic.

  4. The crown of light claims a dormant throne

    what's bolvar being so intrinsically linked to the light even so far as the color of his helm changing…. Maybe The Frozen throne not Lordaerons is the one the light has gained claim over

  5. Sounds good. I'm still thinking the jailer is just this expansions Kil'Jaeden, and the expansions true Aggramar is the Arbiter. Two powerful entities in charge of the after lofe, one has all the power as long as anyone can remember, while the other gets scraps in his jail cell. Doesn't make sense unless the Arbiter put him there. I'm not saying the Jailer isn't evil NOW, but I think he's that way cause he's been screwed by the Arbiter an eternity ago, and what the "natural order of things" is just a perversion of how the afterlife started out; with two true rulers, and not an imbalance.


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