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  1. I wish America servers didn't have all the broke players….. I would be making a fortune with your videos

  2. I agree that new challenge would be awesome the monk for just mounts and then another one for just island expeditions

  3. I farm the Mecha Mogul mount on my rogue from Motherlode cause i can skip to near the end and kill the last boss for parts . Not really worth harvesting the mechs in there for their parts . My monk does the stone dog farm in from of the gate in Vale for Sky Shards with the statue , pretty boring but it works. If you got a herb picker you can pick a golden lotus then que for Heart of Fear raid for motes and tiny treasure chests

  4. Mounts so for example BFA open world farms and you can sell whatever BoEs you also get just like with battle pets?
    I really like both of those ideas and look forward to seeing how it goes.
    No time to play right now, but in few weeks I'll pick up the slack and start working with your book towards some nice gold!

  5. Battle Pets are a tough market, the barrier to entry to farming or flipping them is super low so it feels like everyone and their mother are in the market

  6. How much time do u spend with farming to complete these challenges? (Roughly) Anyway thanks for the quality content, and for the book as well.

  7. Nice mount challange! Will you do only farmable mounts or also crafted ones?
    I do like crafting and sellkng mounts and was just wondering what your intake on that was. How you would do it.

    Looking forward to this!


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