In-Game Protests Organized by Players Against Activision Blizzard

In-Game Protests Organized by Players Against Activision Blizzard

The guild Fence Macabre organized an Oribos sit-in on Thursday, July 22, inviting all players to participate, and also raising money for Black Girls CODE. Though the protest was organized for Wyrmrest Accord – US, it spread to other servers and regions as well.

The protest has been extremely successful, raising over eight thousand dollars for Black Girls CODE so far. The fundraiser will remain active until Monday, July 26. You can find @fencemacabre on Twitter to learn more, and view their full statement here.

Stormwind NPC

More spontaneous forms of protest have also started, specifically regarding the Stormwind NPC Field Marshal Afrasiabi. This NPC is one of many in-game references to Alex Afrasiabi, alleged by the lawsuit brought against Activision Blizzard to have routinely engaged in “blatant sexual harassment with little to no repercussions”. Afrasiabi quietly left the company last year, but these homages to him still remain in the game for now, despite precedent for their removal.

Players have been using items like the Lilian’s Warning Sign toy to place signs around the NPC with statements like “Dead Inside”, “Tears Ahead”, and “Go Away!” Alternatively, some Horde players have just been killing the NPC instead, with many Alliance players breaking PVP tradition by standing by and allowing it.

Currently, Blizzard seems to have pushed a hotfix to remove the NPC, with it disappearing after you stay near it for a minute or so. The NPC returns if you go far away or enter Valley of Heroes, but will disappear again shortly after.

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