INSANE 1-120 SPEEDS | BfA Patch 8.1 Leveling Guide: The Fastest Yet? )


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Patch 8.1 brings crazy boosts to leveling, such as strong new trinkets, a huge decrease in experience demands and a new adventure boost potion!


  1. Anybody here preparing for the 5 free days of battle for azeroth up to 120 INCLUDING free trial level 20 accounts? I AM!!! SPREAD THE WORD AND LEVEL TO 120!! Lets hope you have enough time to grind for 1 wow token too >:D

  2. Here is a neat trick for new players pick whatever character you want is your main it's going to be a Mage, healer( priest or druid Paladin) Warrior, Rogue, or whatever just level up to level 30, DK it's now available, level your DK to level 70, stop now make it a Demon Hunter 98 now take your level 98 Demon Hunter and start farming gear in level 30 level 60 dungeons solo and now you don't have to compete for any gear while you level your main character ? make sure they're all horde if you're horde Alliance if Alliance so you can send the gear through the mail Happy Hunting happy leveling

  3. Get rid of warmode.. it is stupid.. whoever doesnt like pvp is not a true warcraft fan. Eat the frog. Its the fun thing about the game. Its what used to make this game great. The constant war.

  4. I love MMOs but I have never been able to play past level 20 as this game is literally a grind to fuck, the do you get is horrendous. Also can’t buy Heirlooms to level up faster because you need a lot of gold. I love wow but levelling puts me off playing it because it takes to long 🙁

  5. 2:14 really because blizzard has been doing that since well as long as i can remember but ill say since BC, if you think im wrong just look at wintergrasp or the holladay events (there is always one PVP thing needed to get the full thing) then in Cata there was that thing in grizzly hills back in Cata, Blizzard has always liked upsetting PVP and PVE players(i say this after talking to a PVP player that was fed up of all these PVEer that don't know how to pvp right on his team) thou this time it will only upset PVE players.

    now me personally even if i considered there to be enough to get me to resub (8.2 looks like it may get me back but we will have to see) this wouldnt be enough to get me to turn on warmode if i was on the outnumbered side if anything it would make me less likely as now i know that i have a higher chance of been ganked when all i want to do is quest.

  6. Yeah, let's get more people to speed run through 1-120 so they can be at max level and have NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY THE GAME. The reason the game sucks is that it constantly rewards bad players for nothing (began with the Oprah level giveaways of epics in WotLK). It's not about developing and progressing your character in this "MMORPG", it's about time sinks and distractions until they can scramble together the next Alpha patch to release for $60 for nostalgic fans. In the meanwhile, would you like to purchase another mount?


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