IS IT ENOUGH? Will Patch 8.3 Keep Us Busy Until Shadowlands | WoW BfA


Patch 8.3 is just around the corner – but is this next patch going to be enough to keep us busy?
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  1. Played for 1 month straight! did all day daily quest visions dungeons etc. and after 1 month i got bored , daily-s boring, visions boring everything is borring tryed to give another chance like always but i get dissapointed always… im not even hopping anymore for shadowlands its gona be better … i guess wow never will be that good like back in the days.

  2. I just returned, after 3-years. INMHO I think it's a real step backwards. Mobs I could solo in Legion, can't be done now. I'm talking about level 110 zones on my level 110. No new land, makes it really really boring. If you're coming back….it's GRIND GRIND GRIND.

  3. They should just turn wow into a fortnite/apex sanbox. Where every1 starts off at lvl 100 kills npcs for loot and eliminate each other off the server. Battles lasting for months. Then just kill off the game and release wow2

  4. I just looked and saw that it wants me to grind another 100k AP and there still isn't any new raid for me. I just can't do it.

  5. Stop complaining about anything. Enjoy the game. I enjoy wow because there's nothing out there that is as complete and satifying my passion in mmo than this game. The lore, cinematics, competitive, gameplay and the world design still makes my nuts tingle. All this people complaining about this probably complains about other games and anything in their life for that matter. Although, there are flaws in every game you dont need to be toxic about it. Rather help the game improve.

  6. This shit is soooooo dead lol

    How many more times do we gotta do this.

    Why the hell is "this" the warcraft experience?

    Yuck, learn to truly branch out..

    That doesn't mean new mini games, idiots…. change it all, give us a deep adventure.

  7. Must admit. I wont touch world of warcraft until maybe Shadowlands. Thanks classic for destroying the game for me. I am looking to actually skip ther Shadowlands also. Nothing there that interests me. I am done with Sylvanas and her story. What they did with the helm of domination and its story is a disgrace. There are things you can change and there are things you can not. The story of wow is going downhill so very quickly.

  8. People shouldnt feel obligated to stay subscribed. I've been casual since WoD and it feels good to be able to just be like naw im not gonna sub anymore.

  9. Having to log on every single day with the daily reset or else you fall behind is a huge mistake IMO. Should stick to weekly resets for everything.

  10. Oh great. Blizzard is adding ANOTHER system on top of the previous ones. Then they're adding additional talents too. So we've gotten FOUR FUCKING SYSTEMS throughout this entire expansion. No thank you. I wont be touching this trash anytime soon.

  11. 14 jan is when this patch lands, and there is no way in hell it can realistically last more than a month at most. Unless you factor in the same old shitty rep grinding for the sake of it…the same old raids and the forced dungeon runs to complete certain reps…pride of kul tiras requires 4 dungeons…but nope , having tried out 8.3, they should have gone directly to 9.0, cant see the expansion launching until late summer early fall, queue the empty servers.

  12. What many fail to realize is blizzard has different departments… an art department inside of the art department whose only job is to create zones… not even the same team that creates gear (and they dont even have to make class tier sets anymore) so its not as though "oh they are re-using old zones so that way they will have more focus on game play/other content… nope.. not true at all.

  13. I'm hoping that if I come back for 8.3, having quit 1 month into BFA, there will be enough content to keep me happy for at least a month. I don't do mythic+ or any repetitive content and PvP has nothing interesting so I'm only really interested in the story.


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