Jailer's Gauntlet Boss Rush Mode in Torghast Patch 9.2: Strategy, Rewards, Mawrat Mount

Jailer's Gauntlet Boss Rush Mode in Torghast Patch 9.2: Strategy, Rewards, Mawrat Mount

Patch 9.2 introduces a new type of Torghast encounter with the Jailer’s Gauntlet, aka “Boss Rush”. Instead of long levels of trash with trash, traps, puzzles, and events, this fast and furious method is a series of quick boss fights in small packs. Completing layers of the Jailer’s Gauntlet gives rewards such as a pet, new Hearthstone toy, a title, and the Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat mount!

This fun, fast-paced alternative to traditional Torghast can be completed (at the appropriate layers for level) in under 30 minutes without hurrying. The quick succession of layers, plenty of high-powered Anima Powers given on each floor, and no time-wasting rooms full of trash packs breathes new life into the Torghast experience.

Since the only rewards here that contribute to player power are the ability to collect large amounts of Soul Ash and Soul Cinders, which are not used for 9.2 Legendary crafting, players who don’t enjoy Torghast in any forms can easily skip this.

Jailer’s Gauntlet Overview

Jailer’s Gauntlet is somewhat more reminiscent of Twisting Corridors than of the current Torghast wings. In some ways, the Jailer’s Gauntlet feels like it was developed before the major Torghast changes of 9.1, but introduction was delayed for some reason. Here are the ways that Jailer’s Gauntlet provides a bit more of an old-school experience:

  • The Box of Many Things doesn’t apply, so there are no Torments or Blessings.
  • There is no timer to beat.
  • The Death Rule is back. You are allowed up to 5 deaths before the Tarragrue shows up.
  • If you die on a level, the boss resets to full health.

However, the Jailer’s Gauntlet also lacks many things a normal Torghast run will have:

  • No trash packs beyond a few that might spawn from portals
  • No traps
  • No events, puzzles, or chests
  • No Ashen Phylacteries
  • No Mawrats
  • No Souls to rescue in any form

Each floor of the Jailer’s Gauntlet is comprised of a short entryway and a single room that spawns a mixture of non-elite trash, Level 60 Elites, Level 61 Silver Elites, and Level 62 Elites (Layer Bosses). These will all be familiar to Torghast players, who will see a lot of old favorites — sometimes more than once within a single Jailer’s Gauntlet run.

How the Jailer’s Gauntlet Works

The entrance to the Jailer’s Gauntlet is located on the far right end of the Torghast entrances, to the right of the entrance to Twisting Corridors.

The Jailer’s Gauntlet is made up of 8 floors with 8 difficulty layers. The recommended iLevel requirements for each layer are as follows:

Layer Rec. iLvl
Layer 1 170
Layer 2 185
Layer 3 190
Layer 4 205
Layer 5 220
Layer 6 240
Layer 7 260
Layer 8 280

Like other Torghast modes, you need to earn your way up levels, but progress is account wide. Your first character to do these on your account will have to start at Layer 1, no matter how high their iLevel is, and work their way up layer by layer. Subsequent characters will have access to whatever layers the other characters on your account have opened up.

Completing layers 2, 4, 6, and 8 gives a reward, which will be covered in detail later.

Jailer’s Gauntlet, Floor by Floor

The Jailer’s Gauntlet is made up of eight floors, each with a small entryway, a single room, and an exit at the end. Floors 1-3 and 5-7 are randomly themed off the normal Torghast wings (Coldheart Interstitia, Fracture Chambers, etc), and Floors 4 (Double Boss) and 8 are themed off the Adamant Vaults. Both non-elite mobs and various elites/bosses are ones normally found on these levels.

From here on out, when referring to the three possible Elites (gold 60, silver-rare 61, gold 62 Layer Bosses), these will be collectively referred to as Bosses. The non-elites that can pop will be referred to as trash.

Each main room consists of either one spawned Boss or a small group of trash. Trash groups seem more common on lower floors and particularly in lower Layers.

These initial spawned mobs are circled by anywhere from 2-4 Portals. Once you have engaged this first spawned group, there will be a delay before the first Portal spawns either a few trash mobs or a Boss. The Portal will close after disgorging either one Boss or 3-4 trash mobs. Once it’s closed, it can’t spawn any more mobs. Keeping track of how many open portals you have will help you know how far you’ve progressed on that floor.

The level’s exit does not open until all Bosses or Trash are dead and all Portals are closed.

A pair of trash mobs with four portals and closed exit in the back

Earning Phantasma and Soul Remnants in Jailer’s Gauntlet

You do not loot Phantasma in Jailer’s Gauntlet, nor can you earn Soul Remnants by freeing Souls (there are none to free). When you exit one Floor and proceed to the next, you will collect 200 Phantasma and 4 Soul Remnants. You can acquire more Phantasma and Soul Remnants through Anima powers.

Differences in Floors

These are some ways that a couple individual floors vary from the others:

  • Floor 1 starts with three Anima Orbs that give Epic-level powers to start. There is no Broker on this floor, as you have no Phantasma to spend.
  • Floor 4 is a Double Boss floor, where you start out with two 62 Elites or one 62 Elite/one 61 Silver Elite to start right away.

Most floors share similar traits.

  • All cooldowns reset when you change floors.
  • Floors 2-8 all have a Broker where you can buy all the normal things Brokers have to offer, swap talents, change specializations, etc. There is no Broker on the first floor because you will have no Phantasma to spend.
  • Floors 1-3 and 5-7 all have an Anima Cell at the exit that gives one of three Epic powers. There are no exit Anima Cells when leaving 4 or 8 (naturally with 8, since that is where you exit Torghast).

Typical Floor Fight in Jailer’s Gauntlet

A typical floor fight will consist of anywhere from 3-5 Bosses or small groups of trash, which spawn at intervals from the Portals. At lower Layers, the rate at which they spawn is fairly slow, but the spawn time becomes faster the higher you go in Layers, so you may end up with several running around at once. Higher Layers are also more likely to have more Portals per floor.

Trash groups will drop Normal or Uncommon level Anima Orbs with only 1-2 powers. Bosses will drop up an Anima Orb with up to 3 powers and up to Epic-quality, depending on their own level. If you have time (or good tanks), you can pick these up mid-fight. You can collect several Anima Powers per floor.

There will always be at least one Level 62 Elite boss, the kinds normally encountered as Floor 5 bosses on regular Torghast. Sometimes there are 2 or more. It can be pretty random. Occasionally, you’ll even get repeats of the same boss within the same run of Jailer’s Gauntlet.

Floor 4 is the Double Boss floor, where you’ll start out with 2 level 61 or 62 Elite bosses right away. The Portals spawn new bosses faster on this level as well.

The Double Boss Floor 4 with three Portals

Floor 8 usually has anywhere from 2-3 Bosses from Adamant Vaults, including the Troz’igal the Oppressor, Vault Sentinel, and Vault Aegis.

Floor 8 with Troz’igal the Oppressor and two Portals

Jailer’s Gauntlet Rewards

Completing each floor gives a small amount of gold — the amount is insignificant, but mostly serves as a signal that the level has ended and you can proceed to the next floor.

Completing a layer rewards Soul Ash on all layers, and Soul Cinders starting at Layer 2. In addition, you have a chance to be awarded random items such as Death-Bound Shard or cosmetic rewards you would normally get through running Adamant Vault levels.

Completing Layers 2, 4, 6, and 8 give special rewards:

*Currently bugged on the PTR; not awarding pet.

Jailer’s Gauntlet as Catch-Up Mechanism

Jailer’s Gauntlet awards Soul Ash on all layers, and Soul Cinders starting at Layer 2. For example, Layer 3 awards 460 Soul Cinders and 1800 Soul Ash; this is a far better amount than you’ll get from any layer of regular Torghast. While these are not useful in 9.2 Legendary crafting, it may be useful for leveling up Legendaries to 235 for yourself or for alts more quickly than having to run endless floors of Torghast.

The other feature that makes it nice as a catch-up mechanism is that you don’t need to build your Box of Many Things to advance through layers the way you do in normal Torghast. This will make it much easier for your alts to build their legendaries up through 235.

Basic Jailer’s Gauntlet Tips

  • Reconfigure your talents and build to emphasize single-target damage. While you will occasionally be dealing with groups, these will mostly be non-elite mobs. Most of your battles will be against big mobs with lots of hit points and mitigation.
  • Choose Anima Powers deliberately. There’s no timer, so no need to rush. Anima Powers earned from Anima Orbs have mostly been limited to things that will work with the differences of the Jailer’s Gauntlet. However, some are definitely much better than others in practice.
  • Brokers still offer some useless abilities for sale, so be careful. My Warlock was offered Chaotic Effigy by a broker, and there are no Ashen Phylacteries in Jailer’s Gauntlet. Don’t just pick things you’ve used before in normal Torghast; make sure to understand how these will or won’t work in the new format.
  • Don’t forget about crowd control. The higher you go, the faster bosses will pop out of portals. You can crowd control them to keep them out of the way while you get the last one down.
  • Don’t leave a floor until you’ve double-checked for Anima Orbs. Mobs can get scattered around on a floor, and Anima Orbs may drop in places you don’t notice right away, particularly if you’re playing a pet class or working in a group. Make sure to check each floor before you leave to make sure you didn’t miss any.

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