John “Sephuz” Yang Bids Farewell To Blizzard


John joined Blizzard as a test analyst in 2011, before moving to the Diablo III team in 2013 to become one of the primary designers for the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor classes during Reaper of Souls development. As part of the WoW development team in 2015, he then played an integral role in class, talent, legendary, and essence design throughout Legion and Battle for Azeroth, before moving to Hearthstone in 2019. Sephuz closed out his career in the role of Lead Systems Designer on an unannounced project during his final year and a half with Blizzard Entertainment. Throughout all of these roles, he was known for developing unique ideas, remaining engaged with the community, and was also praised for making a brief return to assist with Rogue class design late in Shadowlands development.

During his time working on World of Warcraft, Sephuz was particularly well regarded by the theorycrafting and Rogue communities, both for his own design and willingness to listen to community feedback during development. We look forward to seeing his final contributions to the Blizzard community and wish him well on his next adventure!

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