Latest World Of Warcraft Gold Farming Secret Revealed

Latest World Of Warcraft Gold Farming Secret Revealed

There are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. However, not many players are willing to share their gold making secrets because, no one likes competition when it comes to making gold. So, if they discover something profitable, they usually keep it for themselves. Well, I’m not like everyone else and I’m going to be a good sport and reveal here the latest gold farming secret.

If you don’t have a character with the tailoring profession, you probably aren’t aware about this aspect of the game. Every player that reaches 300 skill in this profession, will learn how to craft a Flying Carpet. This is one of the coolest flying mounts in the game, and no one can resists to crafting this object once they have the proficiency.

The thing is, to craft the Flying Carpet you need 4 Golden Draenite gems. These gems used to be quite cheap in the Burning Crusade time, but now they are a little bit hard to find. They can be obtained by mining Adamantite and Fel Iron deposits. Jewelcrafters can also obtain Golden Draenite by prospecting these minerals. Since not many player gather Adamantite and Fel Iron, sometimes Golden Draenite cannot be found at all.

So, this gold farming secret consists in buying Golden Draenite from players that don’t know the real value and reselling them at the Auction House for profits. Or, if you’re a jewelcrafter, you can buy some Adamantite or Fel Iron Ore if it’s cheap, prospect it and sell the gems. Last week I managed to sell Golden Draenite for 100g each.

Now, I have to underline this fact. If on your server there are three pages of Golden Draenite at the Auction House, which is possible, unless the price is quite low, don’t buy them all. Although this is a good way to make gold, you can still lose at this game. Anyway, I think this little gold farming secret will help any player to make a decent buck. However, there are many more other ways to make gold in WoW.


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