Lich King DESTROYED: WoW Shadowland’s IS Sylvanas’s Plan – What It All Means | Cinematic Breakdown


World of Warcraft Shadowlands is our next expansion. Unlike most others, it’s driven by Sylvanas’s personal quest – a quest that shatters the status quo, changing the Warcraft universe forever.
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  1. Holy shit I’m SO tired of seeing Sylvanas, she just does whatever she wants with zero consequences. At this point she’s become the main character of WoW, and I genuinely hate it. With her magic purple plot device magic, there’s absolutely no way anyone is going to be able to kill her. I mean, she somehow 1v1 the LICH KING and his ENTIRE ARMY. They’ve really written themselves into a corner here, and I find no entertainment or joy in watching this shit anymore. Just kill off all the other characters and be done with it blizzard, we already know you have a hard on for this fuckin character.

  2. Bruh I’m over the horde and alliance just have a third faction enter under the leadership of sylvanas and I would definitely waste more of my life again on this game. Long live the queen!

  3. Alright I am annoyed already.
    Blizzard tells us years ago that the only one that can make Death Knights is the Lich King.
    Now there is no Lich King yet Pandarens can be Death Knights now???
    They need to knock it off with stuff like that. They have to know by now that their player base doesn't like it when they go back on a rule or part of the story they made.

  4. So, this undead being, that has crossed over, lingered in the in between, has lost The Will of the Forsaken. So, now she's afraid. She saw somethng so bad that she now fears being dead. That's some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Considering how bad they did Thrall, the writers basically cut his balls off, stitched them back on, then ripped them off again, trying to force attention on to other characters. They are burning thru too many good characters, that it feels like the end is rapidly approaching. No Thrall, no Sylvanas, yeah, it might be time to play something else. But I don't think so, at least I hope not. I keep hoping they restore the Horde to it's full glory and I can't wait til we get to raid Stormwind.

  5. You legit missed like 5 chapters that explain her plan to kill all old gods and that world they live in is a prison world. All world trees feed life to the old gods witch is why she attacked tildrasil if you ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS AND LURE you would find who plan listed to sacrifice few to save the many .

  6. Your videos are great. Thanks a lot for them and especially for the story of Sylvanas. I'm new to WoW and they were quite eye opening.
    But please ……. if you curse, curse like you should. Stop with this "darn" thing.

  7. If the crown is shattered and there is no new Lich King Bolvar would not have the power to raise up new Death Knights so… calling BS on that I guess. Wouldn't surprise me if the WoW writers forgot their own lore though… again…

  8. Sylvannas for me felt better in warcraft 3 under arthas control , as a lieutenant in the undead army -.-, i think she is currently over fleshed out in the game and characters that should have been given more time have been randomly killed off or just treated as non existent. Wonder if chris metzen was involved in the lore to this point? or if this is a new approach.

    PS : assuming obligatory lore in shadowlands in how important lich king is and expansion is basically focusing on rebuilding another lich for good of all.

  9. Has no one thought that her "reward" or "goal" is to make her own area/faction/covenant for all whom has had contact or been "undead"??

    That would make her and her chosen immune to death and its punishments.

  10. My recent thoughts are these:
    What if Sylvanas reason for bringing us to Shadowlands is to kill the Jailer or whoever dooms her to the eternal suffering she saw in Edge of Night? What if her true plan is to actually have us kill who she works with to free herself and finally be able to draw her last breath without fear of torment? 😀


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