Liveblog of the Shadowlands Torghast and The Maw Interview with Paul Kubit and Towelliee

Liveblog of the Shadowlands Torghast and The Maw Interview with Paul Kubit and Towelliee

Towelliee is interviewing Paul Kubit on their Twitch Stream and answer questions about Shadowlands! We’ll be liveblogging the interview and summarizing important answers in this post.

Don’t forget that Torghast is available on the Shadowlands Alpha now, so we’ve got all the details!.

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  • Keys for Torghast can technically be infinitely farmed, but you’ll need to do more than just Torghast to get it.
  • You’ll be able to enter Torghast shortly after you hit 60.
  • Probably not a lot of equippable gear that has an item level in Torghast. It’s mostly for Legendaries and Freed Souls.
  • Torghast has tech to scale mobs by role and even by spec, but with Anima Powers, they’re not sure if it’s needed.
  • A soft-timer per floor might be added so that people don’t feel incentivized to only pull with cooldowns up.
  • Torghast will stick around for the expansion with new floors, legendaries, themes and ecologies.
  • You might see some important souls in Torghast as that’s where the Jailer keeps his most prized souls.
  • The Maw is an end-game zone where you’ll have to prioritize what you want to do as you’re timed due to the Eye of the Jailer debuff.


Paul Kubit is a game designed working on World of Warcraft for about 10 years. He is working on Torghast and the Maw.

Can you access Torghast the week you hit 60?

You should be able to enter the Tower shortly after you hit 60. There’s probably a couple things to do before you can enter like quests but if you want to focus on it, you can access it sooner. One of the things you’ll have to do is pick your Covenant as Torghast Anima Powers affect your Covenant abilities.

What is Boss Loot going to be?

We don’t actually know yet. You should have things that you want to get in Torghast, it should be compelling to those who like to play, who don’t like to play, who play a lot and who don’t play a lot. Probably not a lot of equippable gear that has an item level in Torghast. Torghast, you will be getting Legendaries and Freed Souls — Souls are very important to your Covenant as well as there’s a drought of Souls right now. Souls are not actually a currency.

How will Torghast affect Weekly Chest Loot?

I don’t know. There is a world where it does and a world where it doesn’t. It currently has Mythic+, Raids and PvP and they’re thinking about World Quests and Torghast. Torghast already has its own reward loop.

What do you get for going higher in Torghast?

Rewards usually come after design. Torghast has been released earlier than normal in the Alpha to test design and things may change. The Legendary Dust that you get from Chests may not take that format. One goal is to make sure that the higher that you climb, the better your rewards.

Is there a cap to the reagents and Legendary Crafting Materials?

Yes, it’ll probably work similar to the Mythic+ system. e.g. If you go past +15, you don’t get much more. There will be a highly tuned maximum reward but you can go past that if you wish. Current thought is your get your first Legendary within the first couple weeks of hitting 60. First Legendary by the time raids come out?

What slots do Legendaries fill?

They plan to have Legendaries for every slot except trinkets and weapons. Legendary effects will have a specific slot that they’re tied to — such as movement speed effects for boots.

Legendary Anima Power?

That sounds pretty cool. Nothing to announce at the moment. They might be making some changes to rarity in the future — more commons, less uncommons and rares.

It’s also been awesome to see people take defensive Anima Powers.

Will there be a pause timer in the Tower?

No plans to do a skip in the tower right now. The goal is to make sure that Torghast runs take a normal amount of time. That’s why some of the levels have break levels as well. There’s a world where runs are only 6 floors or 12 floors long. One of the problems right now is also that Soulbinds are not present and you can’t change your item level on Alpha. If you run into a Brick Wall in Torghast, sometimes the answer is to “get gud” but other times, the answer is going to be get better gear, not you’re 10% stronger on your next Torghast fun.

Why would you be in a group?

It’s so much more fun in a group! Anima Powers are built with the expectation that things are more fun in a group. In the end, the goal is that solo and a group is equal but that’s hard to balance. If they err on one side or the other, they’ll probably lean on the side of groups. You’ll have to enter with a premade, you cannot queue up for Torghast.

Do Tanks and Healers get differently tuned mobs?

Yes, but not with the same numbers. Also, they’ve learned from Horrific Visions that not all DPS specs are tuned the same and have the ability to tune between specs as well. However, there is also a world that, due to Anima Powers, no tuning is needed at all but those tuning knobs are available.

Any plans to have an affix system in Torghast?

Sort of. There may be a need for it. When you scale the tower it adds health and damage. They are considering adding a “soft-timer”. When you play on live servers, things matter, so you might feel incentived to wait for Meta every pull or wait for Bloodlust every pull. The plan is you can take your time and be methodical and it won’t be a strict timer, but something like the Jailer slowly sends increasing waves of mobs against you.

Any plans for keys?

There are plans to have a key to enter Torghast, as that influences the reward design. Kubit is pitching a design and seeing how people react: every 3 days your Covenant gives you a key OR for increasing amounts of currency you can buy keys; in addition, if you want to run more you can run to the Maw and use the Maw currency, Stygia to buy another key (say that takes about 15 minutes). As you stay in the Maw, you get the eye of the Jailer debuff, so you need to go to other zones to pay that off with Anima, which means you can continue the loop to farm more keys. There exists a system to play the Jailer’s Tower as much as you want, but you can’t Just do the Jailer’s Tower, you also have to do other things. In other words, you can play Torghast for a certain amount of your playtime in a week ~35%.

How many Anima Powers can you expect to get?

Probably a few too many Anima Powers right now. There’s typically one on every floor and one from opt-in challenges: Trap Rooms, Rares. But there’s also some that drop from random creatures. So maybe 3 per floor seems about right. There’s tuning to be done there.

Easy, Normal, Hard is that Alpha only?

Yes. The difficulties are Alpha only and for testing purposes only. The entry hall or lobby will be leveling up in the next few weeks.

Procedurally Generated Levels?

They talked to the people on the Diablo team to learn about procedurally generated levels. The level are actually fixed levels, with procedurally generated spawns within some limitations such as creature type or difficulty level in certain locations. There are 6 major ecologies and the 6 subzones. Lots will come from special things like rares or bosses. There still should be a mastery curve, having a fixed number of creatures eventually means you’ll have seen almost everything and you’ll know how to beat it.

Are boss and brokers levels fixed?

Brokers are currently on boss levels and break levels. The Broker’s vendor list is very alpha. A lot of the time, you currently just have more currency than you can buy. An interesting power would be to spawn a Shackled Broker anywhere. Right now, internally they have a thing called the Broker build, where you sacrifice power for Phantasma upgrades to buy everything for your group.

Boss levels are every 6 currently.

Who are the Souls/NPCs we’re seeing?

The Jailer doesn’t just capture souls, but he has recently been taking other characters. That’s who those quest characters are.

Anyone who has recently died has been going to the Maw, so you may see some important characters inside Torghast as this is where the Jailer keeps his most previous souls.

How will the Tower evolve?

It will evolve. More floors, more legendaries, more themes and ecologies. Torghast will stick around for the expansion.

What am I going to experience in the maw?

It’s an endgame zone — you’ll be there a bit during the leveling experience. Dailies and World quests will be present, but when you start, there will be a very few number of objectives so you know what to focus on. Do I want souls from my Covenant or to kill this rare? There’s a limited amount of time that you can spend in the Maw with the Eye of the Jailer debuff. As you defeat things and spend time, the Jailer will find you and towers will bombard you and chains will slow you, etc.

Once your Eye of the Jailer has ticked to a certain level it lasts for the day. There is counterplay, such as a Shroud that hides from the Jailer in the zone, but you can also spend Anima, collected outside of the Maw, to remove Eye of the Jailer.

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