Loot From 10 Hours of Gold Farming | SALTSTONE CAVE


WoW Gold farm in Saltstone cave for 10 hrs, whats next?
– US : https://www.g2a.com/r/cheapest-gametime-us
– EU : https://www.g2a.com/r/cheapest-gametime-eu
– if you wanna watch me goldfarm LIVE! click here :

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  1. Studen, great video! This is a little off topic but how do you think the market as a whole will hold up with Classic coming? Is there anything we should be doing whether it be stockpiling certain items etc or what?

  2. Why do you use market value for the macro? Since you’ll never get close to that, it’s kind of misleading don’t you think?

    I’ve debating getting into farming like this but it’s just not efficient. I can make millions in 10 hours of key sales versus farming for 10 hours just to put probably double that time into selling the items.

  3. Studen, I have been watching you for a few months now. I also have been catching up on your older content. I have not heard you explain why you keep running these farms on your main server if the realm value and market value is so different. If you have a video explaining this please link it. I like Auctioneer because it only shows the value of an item for my realm. I really don't care what the region market value is. If the AH was region wide, rather than realm based, then I would care. Thank you for the great content as always.

  4. How u sort out the items u vendorsell? Just the sellrate or other criteria? When i Farm dungeons my inventory is always full of items and i dont know what to keep. Your Bags looking so clean after hours of farming ^^


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